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my dr switched me from perc 10mg, to morphine and perc, help

so i got *hit by a car* 2 years ago, im crippled now, *as i crossed the street,car hit me going 50 mph*, shattered my tibula and fibula! now even though im healed, im 2 inches shorter im my right side, my knees are degenerating, my lumbar is degenerating, i got arthritis, i cant walk without a cane.
(my stepdad *40* just got whiplash*2 months ago* and he gets 6 roxy 10s a day, muscle relaxers (flexral) and methodone 20mg 2xs daily)

for a *year and 10 months ive been on perc 10mg 4 a day.
so lately ive been taking extra, idc ive switched pain drs bcs they wont help me or higher me bcs my age. im 24 . yet everyone esle around here in va has less wrong with them and gets better medicine.
here and there i take 15 mgs at a time, and i feel way better. less pain, can walk. (its so frustrating how you cant tell drs the truth!)
*i bring this guy my xrays on a disc every week, yet he says"i dont look at xrays on a cd, nor do i care, i read notes wtf?*

so two weeks ago, i was fed up,i told my new pain dr (bcs now my impacted wisdom teeth are worse, i need oral surgery bcs they are hitting a nerve. im in sever agony. i cant lose weight either bcs i walk less and less bcs im in pain!)im filling out these pain logs, everytime i take a pill i have to write, what time, how much pain im in, every 6 hours im at a *10+* , but the e.r. wont do crap, so i cry lately and count the hours between my next dose.
so i wont take "no for an answer" i explain for "2 years ive been patient, i need relief! this is ridiculous im treated like a junkie bcs ive got tats!" so he pee tests me, and says he'll def up me in two weeks.

two weeks later hes rude as always, and almost sends me on my way without uping me, i stop him to remind him, and again i wont take no for an answer(he has the nerve like usual to tell me to roll my sleevs and pants up to make sure im not shooting, he doesnt do this for his normal looking patients)
so he says he'll give me kadian 20 mg (morphine sulfate er)every 12 hours, says it will help ! with the percocet 10 mg every 6 hours.

its been 48 hours. i feel no relief, just *nausea* (i told him i hated morphine in the hostpial, and that when i was on 4mg of diladid, it did nothing to mask the pain, but 5mgs of oxycodone helped!, and since diladid is synthetic morphine i was sceptical about this morphine)
but like i thought. this extended release morphine is doing absolutley nothing.
im taking the 4 pills a day(but sometimes im taking 15mgs, and wait 8 hours for next dosage, bcs this is no life to live, idc at this point, im about to get a new dr if nothing changes, or about to take extra oxycodone from my stepdad bcs he barely takes them already, he offered.)

how long does this morphine take to kick in? im pissed. i converted it, 20mgs of morphine sulfate = only 12 mgs of percocet . so every 12 hours, thats like an extra mg of perc an hour..
*at this point theres no way i can get all 4 of my wisdom teeth out on just this medication, my dentist refuses to do it bcs he said"they are going to need me put asleep bcs they are going to hit nerves and its going to hurt. and he cant right me extra scripts without my pain drs okay"*

im calling tomorrow. (my step dad was on perc 5s for 2 weeks with this same dr, the next week he upped him to roxy 10 mgs every 6 hours, *6 pills a day* with methodone twice a day ... FOR JUST *A LITTLE WHIPLASH!*)
ive been seeing this dr for 3 months, my stepdad .. just a month and a half(and the dr is talking about giving him roxy 30 mgs! wtf!) :X
like seriously i talk to a bunch of the paitnets there,(nurses at e.r.s, friends, family, and ppl i meet on the street) and they ask me why im not on Roxies yet, or at least more percocet, and i have no idea. my right leg is deformed.
i can show you guys a picture.

i have never been to a rehab, nor have i ever been in the hospital for pill seeking, ive never failed a drug test. nothing im so tired of being treated like crap, you could be blind and see im hurting, that i need more than 99% of these ppl i see at these places. (alot of them dont use canes, arnt crying, hell ive seen ppl sell there scripts outside these offices ive been too)
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(its so frustrating how you cant tell drs the truth!)
why not thor?

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I'm very sorry for your accident and health issues.

What can you do to help yourself? Can you find a new dr? Can you accept what your dr is telling you and manage with what your dr is prescribing you and otc pain medication to help? Can you try physiotherapy or massage?
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Being in pain really sucks. I know. Not only is it frustrating, depressing, demoralizing it is plain old painful. If you have been in this kind of pain for this long, it is time to find a new doctor who can offer you a better solution, a better pain regimen, including pt, and maybe even seeing a doctor who can prescribe an anti depressant as well. Just letting you know I understand.
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hurting , morphine , pain management , percocet

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