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Zero Tolerance

Please read this post carefully, as it covers an extremely important matter that affects our community as a whole.

**We have a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding sexual harassment and predators, and we shall enforce it.**

Inappropriate and/or unwanted sexual advances will not be tolerated as stated in the SR Rules and Guidelines:
Certain behaviours are absolutely unacceptable, including sexual misconduct, harassment, and accosting fellow members. They will not be tolerated within the SR community, including the SR Chatroom. Any disregard for this rule will result in being banned without notice.

Examples of Misconduct:
•Making sexual comments about appearance, clothing, or body parts
•Sharing sexually inappropriate images or videos, such as pornography
•Telling lewd jokes, or sharing sexual anecdotes
•Asking sexual questions, such as questions about someone's sexual history or their sexual orientation
•Making offensive comments about someone's sexual orientation or gender identity
•Encouraging involvement in sexually explicit or suggestive acts
•Participating in any act of sexual behavior
•Making sexual innuendos, implied or explicit

We ask for your cooperation to help us keep SR a safe place for us all; if you encounter a situation that involves sexual harassment and/or misconduct, please do not ignore it - immediate action is imperative:

If a member displays such behaviour, please help us by reporting them right away, as described:

If you’ve been approached in this manner, use the chatroom ""ignore" function at once, and immediately report the member in question as described above.

For further information, refer to the following post concerning internet predators:
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Just a reminder. Members will be banned immediately for a violation of our Zero Tolerance Rule. We've had a couple of bans recently. Please report any violations immediately and don't engage with the members who are being inappropriate. I'm reminding everyone again that our chat private messages are not private when we check the transcripts. We check the transcripts when we think there might be an issue.

Thank you
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