Hi, I'm Wes and I'm an addict and alcoholic.

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Hi, I'm Wes and I'm an addict and alcoholic.

I'm new here and thought this would be great support along with AA and NA. I haven't had a drink in a while now. But, I am still hooked on painkillers (Nucynta) and plan on quitting in the next two days. Not looking forward to the withdraw, but I'll manage. Looking forward to being able to say that I'm clean and sober.
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My name is Chance, and I'm a grateful recovering addict.

Welcome, Wes, glad you found SR!!

I know that this place has really helped me, both in active addiction and recovery. I don't think this forum sees quite as much traffic as some of the others (Newcomers to Recovery, Substance Abuse, Alcoholism) - if you feel so inclined, maybe post in one of those as well?

If what you stated about getting off painkillers was put into action, then you are probably feeling like crap right now, which I know from personal experience really sucks while you're enduring it, but is soooo worth it in the long run!

You are well on your way if you've already stopped drinking, you know what has to be done - and where it can and will lead you if you don't take the appropriate steps.

Best wishes in your journey & please update when you are willing and able.
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Glad you are here. We are here cheering for you.

Yes the withdrawals will be hell but once I made it through and got off the pain pills I felt 100 times better.

I ate a lot of bananas and drank lots of water. I spent most of my free time on sober recovery forum and it helped me.

Now 6 years later I am back dealing with my marijuana addiction. Day 4 for me. Last night I dreamed about pot. In my dream I said to my friend I donít want to buy anymore. Yet at the same time I am actually thinking about smoking with my friend. How sick is that?

we just have to decide today I am going to stay clean and sober.

Best wishes.
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Going thru the withdraws now. It's going better than it has in the past. Just sleeping a lot today. It's getting better by the day.
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How's it going, Wes?
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Thinking of you Wes -- how is it going?
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