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Hi, been posting in another section, was hoping to maybe get some specific answers over here from fellow opiate/opioid addicts.
Okay, anyways, some back ground: got into a motorcycle accident early 2017', got hooked on pain pills thereafter for like 20 months. Was popping percs and oxys, nothing else. (Btw, sorry if this has been discussed to death, just wanted some fresh chat about it. thanks)

First attempt at quitting failed due to the excruciating physical withdrawal symptoms but nailed it the second time by doing a 2 week tramadol wean, and then stayed sober a few weeks using nothing at all.
And those few weeks were the most miserable of my life, suffered from crippling depression and anxiety, total lack of ability to experience pleasure, just wake up and cry sometimes for no reason at all. And the normal uplifting stuff that I enjoy, like meditation, exercise, etc., were of no real help.
So then I tried kratom for some relief but decided that for me it's a bad idea (it worked but don't wanna become dependent on it).
So anyways, is what I'm experiencing "paws"? And is there any proven stuff that I can do to make it go away? Any supplements that definitely help...quickly?
This is so defeating and scary because I've read that paws can last for years, I don't know what to do. And I'm somewhat isolated because I'm single and don't have any more friends (have abandoned them because they are all on drugs, etc.). And I'm uninsured so suboxone is out of the question for me right now.
Because of the mental anguish I caved and returned to using pills for like the last 5 days but tomorrow I'm going full abstinence again, so any suggestions and/or thoughts from those whom have experienced this would be greatly appreciated.
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The short answer is yes in my opinion. I had the same thing happen to me. The anxiety and depression were overwhelming. I thought I was going crazy. What helped me was breaking down and going to see someone to talk about it. I know you mentioned not having insurance but some city/counties offer some free resources.
I have been opiate free for just over a year now. It does get better but it takes time.
When we take pain pills they make us feel good because they flood the body with the feel good chemicals, when that happens the body slows or stops producing them on its own sense itís getting so much from the pills, so when you stop taking the pain pills your body is still looking for that flood of feel good and when it doesnít get it, it freaks out (Anxiety) and thinks somethingís wrong. The body will start to reproduce those good chemicals on its own again over time. Hope this helps a little.
If you ever need to chat you should check out the chat forum. Thereís a lot of good people in there that have helped me through this valley. Good luck.
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So anyways, is what I'm experiencing "paws"? And is there any proven stuff that I can do to make it go away? Any supplements that definitely help...quickly?
This is a great link on what Paws is, and what it's symptoms might be - and also some suggestions on how to lessen its effects
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Even though this tread is not new I have some insight that will definitely help. There is a plant that not only helps with paws but actually helps with withdrawal as well. Its called Voacanga and I know it works because I have used it. I used a supplement called Opi-Cure which is basically a high quality capsule of Voacanga. (I was taking 5 capsules at a time) It has the same anti withdrawel properties as ********, which was studied at the University of Miami. Its a legal version that is not hallucinogenic. After 20 years I would not have believed it would work because I had never seen anyone mention it. I was on low dose Suboxone and got off without feeling bad. I have been using opiates for most of 20 years so I remember how long it takes to feel decent again. The last time took over 6 months.

My Experience:
I slept in so when I woke up I was already feeling the onset of not having Suboxone for 27 hours. I did not even make it a half when I took the first 6 capsules (just under 500 mg of dried brown plant matter in each). I honestly expected to be back on the Suboxone within an hour. It did not take that long for me to realize that he wasn't lying. Within 20 minutes I knew this product (Voacanga) was legit. I laid around all day watching movies, taking capsules, but not suffering at all. On day two when I should have been depressed and absolutely miserable I felt decent enough that I actually made it to the gym. Despite my history with substances I am still kind of a wimp. Anytime during the day I started to think I was uncomfortable I would just take a bunch more capsules. On day 3 I opened up the second bottle. I was a little more restrained because I didn't want to have to ask for more. Again,..the defining feeling was that I wasn't feeling bad. On day 4 I began to celebrate as I had not went 4 days without opiates in many years. On day five I realized that this was it. No chance of getting worse. I could cut back on the number of capsules even more. By day 7 the holiday was over and I was back to work. I took two caps in the morning and one at lunch. Day 8 and for another week I stayed on just one in the morning. It gives you some energy. Wikipedia says it was used by hunters in Africa. There was no problem when I ran out of the Voacanga either. It is hard to describe the feeling of not just being off of opiates but actually feeling good. By day 7 I was back at work in my long-hour ****** sales job but I had more energy, more stamina, and felt more clear and comfortable with dealing with people then I had in years. There are all levels of dependance. Voacanga might be perfect for some and not strong enough for others. It was perfect for my situation but the reason I felt motivated to write this here is because I have been through PAWs more the once in my life. I remember each time. The fact that this worked so well for me (even during my initial 7 days) I can't imagine that it wouldn't work perfectly for most people suffering through PAWs.
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