5 days!

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5 days!

I started smoking again and my New Year's resolution was to stop. 5 days now! I'm using Nicotrol nasal spray, which my insurance covers 100%. It does require a prescription. I'm in the US and if you were to pay out of pocket, GoodRX has the average price at $550 for 4 bottles. Welcome to healthcare in the US! It can be bought on eBay for about $40 a bottle without a prescription. These are bottles imported from the UK and are sold under the name of Nicorette nasal spray. I'm sure that's not legal, but it is a way to get it at a cheaper rate. This product works very well for me.

A study was done in the UK in 2019 and they found people had a higher success rate using 2 forms of nicotine replacement therapies. For instance, using the patch and then chewing a piece of nicotine gum for a short time when the cravings get really strong. It usually takes several efforts to stop, so if you have tried and failed, try again!
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I used the patch (twice) and it worked for me. The best thing it did for me is make me realize that I craved nicotine, not smoke. Then my obsession with smoke was gone. Good luck to you. I can promise once you are quit, you will not think of it anymore, and I was a MAJOR smoker.
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All the best with your efforts.
I gave up 40 years ago..
. Not boasting but very happy I did.
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