48 hours no nicotine

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48 hours no nicotine

okay I have only used nicotine three times this week single use slips, and currently have 51 hours nic free. I did vape some zero nic juice yesterday. I threw away all my atomizers and cigs. vaping zero nic sucked not with it but at least I didn't restart withdrawal. honestly I don't feel that bad physically, I don't feel that great ethier. the Wellbutrin has helped Immensely with cravings thier basically gone. don't get me wrong i still want it and I know if i haven't thrown them away I'd have used today. I'm not sure about taking Wellbutrin long term since it makes me jittery, it helps big time with depression which is gone completely since I started it. it gives me hot flashes to, but im okay with these side effects at least short term. I love the energy it gives me, I'm feeling much less lethargic. mentality it makes feel great but physically not so hot. getting some relief from the depression makes realize not treating it isn't an option ive been so afraid of meds I lied to myself and the doctor by downplaying my depression saying it's not that bad. yes it was really bad, when your room looks like a garbage dump and you can find the disere or movtation to anything, other than be overwhelmed by everything thiers a big mental health problem most likely. I also realize that a lot of my fear regarding meds, ironic I know considering my history As an addict and alcoholic. Is irrational I always get every sideeffects at least in my own mind. usually after I read about the side effect online. anyway feeling better overall but the med has increased using thoughts probably as result of feel less depressed, plus I'm thinking much clearer and it's really helping my adhd. don't worry I won't use im going to away totally sober for good this time. life's to precious to waste isn't it.
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Sounds like a decent start David - congrats

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