quitting vaping

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quitting vaping

I want to quit vaping, I actually genuinely most sincerely disere to not be a vaper. previously it was I needed to quit, but I didn't really want to do . quite frankly I'm sick of it, I'm tired of not sleeping because vaping keeps me from sleeping well. I had convinced myself that it helpednme focus, and I was simply treating my adhd. Clearly that self deception at it finest, not to mention out and out delusional thinking. none of that is true but I believed every bit of it. I'd say I'm done, but I've said that before, I'll just say I'll do my best to quit. I suffered a panic attack today at work that was brought on by vaping and not enough sleep, which vaping has been contributing to. I vaping nearly constantly truly insane regarding, both frequency as well as quantity. I can't focus on anything else I'm totally and completely consumed by it. I can't bring myself to throw my vape away, because I'm scared what if it gets to hard, I'm afraid of my temper when I quit because I'm libel to a raging inferno of rage when I quit. sometimes I have a real bad temper when quitting substances and it scares me. I'm worried I could hurt someone because of how angry I get when I quit. normally I don't act this way but when I'm under a lot of stress, I have history of doing things such a putting my fists through walls.
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Maybe this is something else your sponsor and doing all the Steps could help you with David?

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David, there's psychiatric medications that help to control temper such as antipsychotics. I have temper problems sometimes and they help me with that. Maybe you should talk to a psychiatrist about your temper problems.
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