How do i stop my nicotine gum chewing habit ?

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How do i stop my nicotine gum chewing habit ?

Please help , i have been using nicotine gums for the past 1 year
How do i stop this habit ?
If i take away this habit i feel empty
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Me too. When you figure it out, please share. Sorry that isn't much help, but I'm having the same struggles. Super happy to quit smoking, but now I wish I had gone cold turkey. I'm numbering my gums and trying to reduce one or two a day. It seems to be working!
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I became nicotine gum dependent too. That stuff has greater nicotine content than a cig.

Like you Libby, I tapered down to get done with them. I was down to the 1mg mints. Got tapered down to 1/2 of a mint morning and evening. Quit after2days of that.
I hate to say this. I still suffered withdrawal for three days even though I had tapered for a month.

The quicker off the stuff, the better, I think.

Havenít smoked in years. I feel great!

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@libby06 ,

Haha , ok ... so you dont know how to properly stop it either . I did not knew these gums were this addictive
Maybe i should wait until the covid 19 vaccine arrives ...

I still go to work under a lot of pressure , these gums are the only escape


Let me try from now on . I mean maybe this is the last gum i am chewing .
I dont know how long i am going to have the withdrawal symptoms .

Thanks for the reply everyone
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