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How long do nicotine cravings last?

54 days ago I quit drinking and smoking. I was very heavy drinker, but I usually only smoked one or two cigarettes a day and I never smoked on days I didn't drink (granted, those were few and far between.) My alcohol cravings are now pretty minimal, but my cravings for cigarettes are still common and sometimes fairly intense. Does anyone have any idea how long I can expect these cravings to last?
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You are far past the physiological cravings for nicotine.
It's all psycological now.
And that can last a lifetime, I'm sorry to say.

The best I can say is to counter it with behavior modification.
When you get the cravings, do something.
Change the behavior. There's often a connection between what we're doing and smoking, like, talking on the phone and smoking; driving and smoking; drinking a cup of coffee and smoking.... So, changing what we are doing helps to break that connection.

Otherwise, just know that the average craving lasts about 3 minutes; less than it takes to smoke a butt. It will pass. I used to "laugh" at it, and that helped too.

Congrats on both your quits! That's FANTASTIC!!!


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I have smoked for 35 years and I am on day 43 and its still a struggle. I used Chantix to help me quit. 43 days with out one single cigarette. I am still on chantix but I am down to only taking one pill a day. Two pills a day was making me like a zombie sometimes and tired a lot. I made turkey dinner a couple of weeks ago and while I was putting the gravy on the table I realized I had forgot to make potatoes. Thank god I had instant potatoes for back up.With one pill I can at least function. I believe chantix helps but you still need the will power as with anything.
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Pretty much forever it's all about substitution. Chew gum (NOT nicorette) or a lollipop or kiss somebody you love believe me they enjoy it more when your breath doesn't taste like an ashtray
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sorry for the bad news but they last a while i have given up for 1 year and 4 months i still have them and i think i have wasted my time as i have gained 2 stone and i do not feel any better at all just fatter just saying the truth thinking about going back to smoking for piece of mind and to stop eating i hink i ave just swaped one habit for another
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I hate to add to your misery but like the rest say, forever.

You really did a double whammy there. I quit drinking first for a few years and then quit smoking Jan 7th of this year (over 10 years sober now) More power to you.

I find the cravings have to do with emotions more than actions. I used nicotine to stuff my emotions. Now when I'm upset, it's a smoke I crave.

I just use the same methodology I used for quitting drinking: "Not right now!"

Best of luck to you!
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