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Luckyv2 05-31-2006 06:38 AM

Alera Day 235
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Miss Communicat/MC Day 178


Little Missy 05-31-2006 04:14 PM

Busy here with work and kids. All is well!! :c005:

I had a complaint about me at work the other day. A guy said I needed a tan on my legs!! LOL The nerve!! I asked the owners if they would pay for me to go to the tanning bed. You know, we don't want any complaints. They got a big kick out of it. Told me the sun was free, so no tanning bed for me!! I did ask for a sun chair or maybe a picnic table for outside. I think they thought I was still joking!!

wingsfree 05-31-2006 05:04 PM

Nope Not Quitting
Ugh to computers is all I got to say, old modem was fried, new modem finally arrived today, was fun installing it lordyyyyyy, something about having to read instructions, amazing how much smoother things go when you finally read them,:e136: phew wore out now, lol.

Yippppeeee still sober keeping busy, good to see you all hanging in here too.

Ain't gonna quit today today, ain't gonna quit today, it's the last day of May, ain't gonna quit today.

:ValD014: :Val004:

ASH 05-31-2006 05:08 PM

Not Quitting Today,
Not Reading instructions today, and
Not Tanning today either,
The nerve of some people is right!!!!
(((DQs))):Wstrand No quitting today

2dayzmuse 05-31-2006 06:18 PM

Never a dull moment. Today was my first day back at work after the long weekend. I was there for 2 hrs, then we were evacuated because of a bomb threat that was called in. I thought yipppee we're getting out of here early today. Wrong, instead we were relocated to a room and had to sit for 7 hrs. The bomb squad came and did a sweep of the place. So far, no bomb. It's been a long day. At least we got out of there at our normal time instead of having to stay over. They served us frozen bologna sandwiches for lunch. I passed...

lulu70 05-31-2006 06:26 PM

Originally Posted by 2dayzmuse
They served us frozen bologna sandwiches for lunch. I passed...

Blech..... I would've passed, too.

Q is at her Dad's until Saturday. Yes, he is back from California and he is doing well enough that I feel I can trust him to keep her for a few days. It is a miracle. He doesn't have a car, so how much trouble can he get in, right? (ha ha--I'm just not gonna think about that.)

Hope all of you are doing well. I haven't been posting here as much lately 'cause I keep wanting to make personal replies to each of you and don't really have time..... so I wait and then need to make more replies so I wait and then need to make more replies and on and on it goes...... :)

Sending lots of love to all of you--

As always, I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful group.

Luckyv2 05-31-2006 06:29 PM

Originally Posted by 2dayzmuse
The bomb squad came and did a sweep of the place. So far, no bomb. It's been a long day. ..

BOMB SQUAD A BOMB :eek5: :uzi2: omg time for me to go....

Denise good to see you my friend.

OK good day time to go and Missy don't worry about the tan you can get some of that spray tan :c031:

2dayzmuse 05-31-2006 06:31 PM

Oh Missy, my legs glow in the dark. Don't feel bad.

Cathy31 05-31-2006 11:15 PM

Not quitting today! :cheer

Have a great 24 everyone! :)


Luckyv2 06-01-2006 05:43 AM

Alera Day 236
Nogard/Kevin Day 377
Phinneas Day 593
LuLu70/Laura-Lu day 831
Little Missy Day 669
Hope4life/Cheryl Day 14
True Blue/Janet Day 153
Trish (Miracle) Forever with us
Denise/Wingsfree Day 15
Kath Day ??
[email protected]_a_time Day 1423
Gianna Day 118
2dayz Day 696
Dan Day 321(Miss you Dan)
Bonnie Day 1235
JaySee Day 630
Luckyv2/Vic Day 7
Lee/Justme57 Day 950
Time2Surrender Day 372 ((Fantastic Mike Congrats))
Joe C./Bluesman52 DAY 423
Cathy31 65 days (working it!
Miss Communicat/MC Day 179


wingsfree 06-01-2006 06:51 AM

Nope Not Quitting
Hmmm I need to talk, was gonna tell hubs about this, funny I can't talk to him when I'm sober, I dare start to cry, can't help it though. :eek5:

Had something hit me hard in the middle of the night, wide awake around 2am, nothing new, sleep like crud sorta get used to it. Anyway woke up thinking about something and have no idea why, was crying too, blah hate crying but it's something that doesn't want to leave me alone the past couple of years, before no way would I cry, ha nothing will hurt me I don't need to cry I'm tough, oh sure you old marshmellow....and off we go with the rambling sorta trying to avoid this issue. I talk about things here and I want to run, I have no idea why.

Ok here it goes.....woke up thinking about the time my mother took me to this store, a store I'd never set foot in before, or her for that matter....there was a man working there it was his business, and lordy was he ever handsome, my mother even pointed that out...real weird her doing such a thing.

She had told me my birth father was very nice looking and well off. I didn't ask her anything about him, she had the need to dangle that in front of my nose, I was 18 at the time, this happened a couple months before my adopted father passed on. I never set foot in that store again. My father passed on, a couple weeks after that I was at a gas bar and who do I run into? that man from the store, we both stood there looking at each other, not one word passed between us, I never seen him again after that. A few months after my fathers death, my mother drops a bomb on my lap telling me my birth father had passed on too.....WHY WHY WHY WHY did she have the need to be so mean, I wish I knew, I was curious but that was normal, and I never pushed the issue about what I needed to know.

Blah blah blah to it all......what I'm getting at here is....ohhhhhhhh my gosh, I think that man was my birth father, it hit me hard last night, a real strong feeling so it must mean something. How do I feel about it, anger starts to boil in me again, and WE all know that's something we need to avoid. How else do I feel about this....I don't know how I'm suppose to, just so tired of how I feel all the time, it won't stop.

The adoption message board...well if you're looking to be depressed on a regular basis hang out there for some time, lordy. I've read so many posts there...NO MORE...someone pmed me from there telling me if I wan't to tell my story, spew my venom...if I wanted to bleed, oh yeah sure....ah huh I thought. If you say the wrong thing you're banned, you really gotta watch what you say because it's not just adoptees hanging out there, birth and adoptive mothers..that's the pm I got she gave me an addy for another message board about depressing, it's a good place if you're needing to be in a bad place all the time, let all your anger out.....personally I don't think it's a good thing...not for me anyway.

And on that's a new day, life's what we make of it, isn't it?

Counting my blessings once more.

((((((((((((Don't Quitters))))))))))))) :Val004:

Luckyv2 06-01-2006 07:11 AM

Originally Posted by wingsfree
How do I feel about it, anger starts to boil in me again, and WE all know that's something we need to avoid. How else do I feel about this....I don't know how I'm suppose to, just so tired of how I feel all the time, it won't stop.

Emotions and feeling OMG>>>You know you mentioned that being angry isn't good for us and how true that is. On the other hand it is something a feeling that we have to face. There really isn't anything wrong with being angry, if we react in the right way. I have a lot of Anger in me, mostly at myself. I have to realize that it is real, it is the way that I feel, and then I must eventually let it go. If I hang on to it that is when it isn't good for me.

I am so glad that you are back. I really am

Love Vic :banana:

nogard 06-01-2006 01:11 PM

Not quitting today.

gotta rush - take care.


Luckyv2 06-02-2006 05:20 AM

Alera Day 237
Nogard/Kevin Day 378
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LuLu70/Laura-Lu day 832
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Time2Surrender Day 373 ((Fantastic Mike Congrats))
Joe C./Bluesman52 DAY 424
Cathy31 66 days (working it!
Miss Communicat/MC Day 180


Cathy31 06-02-2006 01:25 PM


Not quitting today,all! :) nThanks Vic!!


nogard 06-02-2006 04:24 PM

Not quitting today

and I am very pleased its the weekend :)


Little Missy 06-02-2006 04:40 PM

Hooray the weekend is here!!

Anger, that a tough one for us. I remember when I first read the Big Book I got mad at the part that said, I basically no longer have the luxury of being angry. That just really pissed me off. LOL

But Vic is right. We are human we will and do get angry. It's how we handle that emotion that is important. I try to deep breathe, look for rational thoughts, talk to someone else. I try to get rid of it as soon as I can, so it doesn't become a resentment.

What I'm usually told is, "How important is it?" I use to hate hearing that too, but it has become the truth to me. What does this matter in the whole scheme of things? Pick your battles. That's what I tell myself.

((Denise)) I can't imagine what you have gone through. But what I do know is that you are a wonderful person. Please let yourself be happy. You deserve it. Our past has made us who we are today. Not all of who we are today is bad.

I have a magnet that says, "Live in the Moment" I need that reminder, for all I really have is now!! What is right in front of me. The decisions I make right now will effect my future. I now have a choice in how I behave, react, don't react, what I say. That in itself is a gift that I cherish.

I believe that some people choose to be mean, some people do the best they know how at that time, some people teach me how I don't want to be. But, am I going to let what somebody else did or said effect me the rest of my life. Not any more!! I can't change people, places, or things, thankfully. That would be a huge job, glad all I have to work on is me. One day at a time, I can handle that!!

Luckyv2 06-03-2006 04:31 AM

Alera Day 238
Nogard/Kevin Day 379
Phinneas Day 595
LuLu70/Laura-Lu day 833
Little Missy Day 671
Hope4life/Cheryl Day 16
True Blue/Janet Day 155
Trish (Miracle) Forever with us
Denise/Wingsfree Day 17
Kath Day ??
[email protected]_a_time Day 1425
Gianna Day 120
2dayz Day 698
Dan Day 323 (Miss you Dan)
Bonnie Day 1237
JaySee Day 632
Luckyv2/Vic Day 9
Lee/Justme57 Day 952
Time2Surrender Day 374 ((Fantastic Mike Congrats))
Joe C./Bluesman52 DAY 425
Cathy31 67 days (working it!
Miss Communicat/MC Day 181


wingsfree 06-03-2006 05:25 AM

Nope Not Quitting
Thanks ((((((Cathy))))))(((((Vic))))))((((((((Missy)))))) )

Well I did some thinking about what I last said. Today I've turned that around and see it as a gift from my mother......there was a reason why she did that, and I know it wasn't out of meaness, maybe one day I'll know, today it just doesn't matter. Maybe he was my father, I really believe he was...and maybe it was him who put that thought in my head the other night seeing where I've been for way to many years. So it's a gift.

Oh wow yesterday the clouds here were amazing, you know the huge fluffy white one's, looks like cotton candy. We were surrounded by them all day....went to town watching in awe....then seen lighter coloured one's and at the top it looked like this huge castle....I said to hubs look at that, it's heaven right in front of us, that was my first thought, I wish I had a picture of it to show everyone. He thinks I've lost my acorns, LOL. He was telling me not only am I losing it when I drink.....I'm losing it sober...LOL...:C023: have no clue why he'd be thinking that, laughing here.

Anyway later yesterday it started to rain while the sun was shining, we all know what that means....yesssssssss a rainbow, you should have seen how bright and beautiful it was...there was a second one above it, not at bright. WOW what a feast for the eyes.

Boy we have lots to be grateful for don't we? Keep ourselves out of the blah thinking and life is so much brighter,'s gonna be a good day, learning to stop the emotions from going from extreme highs to lows....the lows I stop and tell myself..ok woman what is wrong with you? there is no need to be feeling this way, no need at all.

Take care everyone.....wishing you all a happy safe weekend.

Hugs packed with love......Denise (on and off her rocker) weeeeeeee :banana:

Little Missy 06-03-2006 06:04 AM

Atta girl ((Denise)) It really is the little, simple things in life that bring us great joy.

Had to come back and read my post about anger. So easy to know what to do, so hard to do it. Seems I always want to knock some heads together. Beat some sense into people. But, that is not my job. Telling myself to "consider the source".

Long story, but here goes. We are making some changes at work in how we schedule patients. It is going to take away some of the "freedom" of how we treat and our professional opinions are kind of being thrown out the window. All because we are so busy, because what we do WORKS, and they don't want to hire any more help.

So, I had a chance to talk to one on the owners of the company, I took it. Just wanted to know why and how we are to do this. Told him fine, this is your company, but can we make some exceptions. He kind of tilted his head side to side, like we'll see, or maybe.

I go back to work and implement some of the changes they want. Which does make my work day easier. Hooray!! Keeping the boss lady calm is another story. She like to have her freedom to treat, which is totally understandable. All in all, it was a good day and everything ran smoothly.

Here's the problem. The guy boss, who doesn't treat much and doesn't know his head from his, well you know. Tells me he got an email from the owner I talked to. Basically said he wasn't happy and thought I wasn't happy. Now, we are suppose to "follow the chain of command". Fine you little F'ers. I won't talk to you. All I did is what they wanted done. The boy boss said everything is fine and that HE took care of it. You know what, if there was a problem, why doesn't he just keep it to himself. The end result was fine. I swear, you try to do what others want and all you get is kicked in the head.

Now, I'm sitting here building a stupid resentment toward this guy, cause all he wants to do is cause trouble and then claim to fix it. OMG, I could just scream!! I'm sure he is enjoying his weekend and I'm not going to let his stupid a$$ ruin mine!!

What I want to do is call him up and tell him what I think of the situation and of him. But I won't, because I have this wonderful program that I work, called AA. I don't always have to be right, even though I'm not wrong. He'll get his in the end. He'll be seen for what he really is and what he really does. Maybe not in my life time. But, he'll be scubbing toilets with a toothbrush in heaven!! LOL Ok, maybe not, but what ever gets me thru the day!! LOL

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