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Arura 08-10-2006 02:11 AM

Ditto That Missy...! hope your belly feels better soon...!
Thanks Ash n Kev...:)
Yer welcome ((scooterbabe)) n ((Bob)). I like the Berkshire Massive bit, lol.

Hope (((Vics))) O.K, sending Him Loads of Love :Val004: ...X ( :banana:)

No Quitting here...!

Rusty Zipper 08-10-2006 04:38 AM

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In MemoriumTrish (((Miracle))) Forever with us 

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey wad'a bout me? :dunno

ya know people go out over this kinda stuff. glad i learned how to not take anything persional anymore :e070:

congrats on all the collect'd sobriety time... :ny9 and thanks for remember'n My Trish'y ... see Baby, i'm stil hang'n ... your here too, you (_(...)_)

all good wishes, and give only love ............................. your pattee

wingsfree 08-10-2006 07:25 AM
Rusty Zipper
Scootinbabe Day 18
Lee/Justme57 Day 1019
Little Missy Day 739
Sobriety1st Tonya Day 88
Luckyv2/Vic Day 78
LuLu70/Laura-Lu day 901
Miss Communicat/MC Day 247
Mrswoogie day 109
Nogard/Kevin Day 447
[email protected]_a_time Day 1493
Paper dolls day 250
Phinneas Day 663
Time2Surrender Day 442
True Blue/Janet Day 70
2dayz Day 766
AAFreeportPA day 1019
Alera Day 306
Amymarie DAY 54
Arura Day 14
Bonnie Day 1305
Cathy31 Day 135
JaySee Day 690
Jhana ...hi all, still here and hopefully not drinking today...
Hope4life/Cheryl....Glad to be sober today!

In Memorium: Trish (((Miracle))) Forever with us

Nope Not Qutting Today

Welcome (((mygirls_mylife)))-(((Scootinbabe))) to the Don't Quit gang, we're happy you've joined us.

(((Rusty Zipper))) happy you've joined us. Your beautiful Trish and our's will always be here, her spirit will alway walk with us on the Don't Quit thread, her heart has left a huge impact on a lot of us.

(((Jhana))) what's up? How you doing? Miss you here.

(((Vic))), hope to see you back soon, rest up my friend.

(((Ash))), oh yes I baked that cake, hehe, the lowcal nocal all you can eat kind, haha. Sooooo good to hear your back is coming along well, not fun when our backs act up, ugh to that.

(((Bob))) what we learn watching our children, so carefree. Will wait for you to start sober dancing, you'll know when you're ready, good on you not giving up.

(((Missy))) gosh girl, I hope you start feeing good soon.

(((Arura))) keep shining girl.

(((Kevin))) aka lovelyhair-aka smoothfingies-aka seeanythingdifferent-tiptoethroughthetulips-hairhairhair :banana: NO WAXING no way, hehe.

(((Laura))) how you doing?

(((Janet))) what's up our sunshine girl?

(((LeAnne))) how you today?

(((Kath))) cooooooeeeeeee how you doing?

(((Laci))) always thinking of you my Canadian sis.

(((Chy))) my butterfly, missing you.

(((Bonni))) you always have me happy dancing sis.

(((Cheryl))) so happy you're doing well.

(((((((Don't Quitters)))))) :Val004:

Arura 08-10-2006 07:50 AM

Orrr (((Pattee)))...............not forgotten, carnt forget you...? :C023:

...Only Love.....sings to me... :dance1a: .............XxXxxXx((((Rusty)))))XxXxXxX......... .......X

I found ((Trishes)) thread. and read it in respect for her...!

The one with the 'golden egg'.

I also have lost so Many friends n family to this Killer that is addiction.

Lest We Forget........:c022:

Bonni 08-10-2006 08:55 AM

Goodmorning all you "Dont Quitters"! I'm not quitting today either! :banana:

(((Our Miracle "Trish"))) Like Wingsfree says. "Your forever with us"

((((Denise)))) Love you little sis! (((( Big Hugs ))))

((((Vic)))) Miss seeing you here, hurry back my friend!

((((Jhana)))) Hang in there my dear sis!

(((Dont Quitters))) Lets all stay on the bus! :bus

(((((((((((( Big sober hugs to all! )))))))))))) :Val004:

scootinbabe 08-10-2006 09:27 AM

oh dreary dreary day here. cloudy and overcast with lots of laundry ;-)


Thanks for the big bus welcome!!!

NEEDTOBESOBER 08-10-2006 02:25 PM

can I join the list this is my 9th day sober and will not quit and I am going to keep counting the days

Anna 08-10-2006 02:33 PM

This thread is now closed and you can move onto Part 3 of Don't Quit!

Here's the link:

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