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2dayzmuse 06-11-2006 12:01 PM

Oh, Laci when I read your words about your struggle it saddens me. It brings me back to my dreams. I was just thinking about this yesterday. I would be drunk, make plans then forget about them. The phone would ring and the voice on the other end would ask whats up? We were supposed to do this today? Things would get very silent on my end. My mind would be reeling trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. There was no answer, no excuse other than I was in a blackout. That was something I didn't volunteer, but people knew. It was embarrassing and scary. It was horrifying to see reality slipping away. Have a great meeting Laci. There is a solution...

ASH 06-11-2006 02:22 PM

Not Quitting Today

Denise The DQ Bus is really rolling!!

Lee Just me, I just miss you, hope your schedule lets you check in soon

Laura-Lu The jaw thing does not sound like fun, AT ALL, have you seen anyone for it?
Not that it seems to do much good, I saw the DR and he essentially gave me Tylenol and sent me home for two weeks. I go back this week and I am not leaving without answers and a recommendation to physical therapy, in my past experience those seem to be the people that really know how to help
In any event, keep sending messages to yourself but no talking back,
you could hurt yourself!!!:rant:

Laci I agree with you, being sober is much easier than maintaining a drinking life!!!
90 meetings in 90 days is a great plan, hope to see you here too everyday

Vic I see your posts in newcomers all the time and have to tell you that
you are helping so many people, (including me), every day,
keep sharing your ES&H

Cheryl glad you checked in, have missed you here on the bus lately

Leanne Ironically my blackouts are my worst drinking memory,
but I cant remember them...I suppose everyone here on the bus knows what I mean

Kevin Enjoy the three day weekend, sounds like your off to a great start

Phinny How are the dear furry ones???

Keep on keepin on, good advice

Enjoy the little ones today and
Good luck tomorrow with the sonogram,
undiagnosed pain makes me crazy, well, crazier...
You have had enough of it for sure

My backs still hurting and I am still eating :bbq but I am not drinking
(((DQs))) No quitting today

Little Missy 06-11-2006 02:43 PM

((Ash)) Physical therapy!! What a great idea!! (I'm a therapist)

Awe yes, this disease takes what it takes and that can be everything. Drinking no longer works for me. Being sober sure seems to though. Not always easy. Atleast now, I know what to do. It amazes me how blind we can be toward our drinking. Yikes!!

I still run to my AA friends when I feel my serenity slipping. Sometimes, I choose to sit and stew. But now I have a choice. I can make the right desicions if I choose to do so. Freedom!! What a wonderful thing!!

I have never known such happiness in all my life. Wonderful to know there is a solution just for today, and there are people who understand!!

Lots of work, but well worth it, because we are worth it!! :newangel:

lulu70 06-11-2006 06:40 PM

((((((((((Laci)))))))))))) Thank you for sharing your struggle with us. I hope it helps you as much as it helps me. I'm anxious to hear how your meeting went. Somehow they seem very different when you know you are truly serious about staying sober. It is not easy, but it is simple--just don't pick up that next drink and you won't get drunk.

We're always here for you.......

((((((Missy)))))) I'll be interested to hear what the sonogram says. It just seems like if there is still pain, there must still be something wrong. Hopefully you will get the answers you need.

((((((ASH)))))) Thanks for the good wishes. The jaw thing is better today. Sometimes it just totally locks up on me and I can't hardly open my mouth. I know I should go see a doctor. I have this weird fear of talking to a doctor and creating a 'pre-existing condition' and then losing my insurance for one reason or another. It really is irrational, so maybe I will try to make an appointment this week. Let us know how your appointment goes!

((((((JC)))))) Thanks for checking in! We'd love a big update!

((((((Vic)))))) So glad you are hanging on the bus. Don't let go!

((((((Denise)))))) Check back in soon, okay?

((((((DQ A - Z))))))) Keep on keepin' on!!!!!

Hope 06-11-2006 11:19 PM

(((DQ A-Z)))

No quitting today! Not going to be :dig the hole any deeper, LOL.

Sober is so much better.:ValB002:

I have been catching up on the posts here and it is so good to see all of you.

Where is Denise going? Don't leave us, girl...we need you!

Laci, meetings definitely help. I just read about your struggle and I can really relate to that. Stick with the winners. You can do this.

Just wanted to stop in and see how you are all doing. You are all in my prayers. I just got finished studying for a test tomorrow. Whew, I just studied 4 chapters of notes and my brain is so exhausted. I'm trying to make an A on that test but as long as I do my best, then I'm truly satisfied.

Love you all!!


wingsfree 06-12-2006 03:53 AM

Not Quitting Just Acting Crazy

Originally Posted by Laci
Sure am glad I'm back! "Sure" seems to be my word today!

SURE glad you're back Laci girl...walking right beside you as always, have missed you, stop leaving darn I should talk, lol.

If there's a next life time, I hope to pay better attention and grab all of us from the wrong line up....hmmm what should we do next time? Oh it would be good, that much I know. SURE would be, lol. The heck with this struggling thing on a daily basis.

Happy to be sober today. Trust me, it does NOT get better if you go back to drinking/using.
Amen...I did a bad belly flop too 3 day binge, back to the old way, YUCK, but I'm back, they hurt more each time don't they Laci? We really need to work harder on our triggers, getting to darn old for this BS...29 hehe.

Love you Laci, stay on the bus ok? Tons safer.

((((((((((Don't Quitters)))))))))))))) :Val004:

Denise (day 2) yeah I seen what my evil twin said that night, what gets in her brain some days :eek5:

P.S. Thank you ((Trisha)) from administration helping me out once more.

Jhana 06-12-2006 04:43 AM


and Denise, and Vic and all of you))))))))))))))
a rainy 6 AM morning here and I am feeling warm as toast to find my many friends here. I often feel closer to this thread than I do to my day to day life, which is fine today. So glad I am sitting here writing this rather than pilfering my boyfriend's liquor cabinet to see what I can add to my coffee. I shudder to remember those mornings.

I can't write much because I have had another surgery on my right hand but I really wanted to check in this morning,


Luckyv2 06-12-2006 06:41 AM

liveweyerd Day 22
Alera Day 247
Nogard/Kevin Day 388
Phinneas Day 604
LuLu70/Laura-Lu day 842
Little Missy Day your stories so much
Hope4life/Cheryl Day 25 ?
True Blue/Janet Day happy you are here ((((Janet)))))
Trish (((Miracle))) Forever with us.
Denise/Wingsfree Day 2 Canadian twin sis.....come say hello.
Ash...I hope your pain soon eases
Kath Day ??
[email protected]_a_time Day 1434
Gianna Day 129...ok woman, what's up???? Where are you Jana?
2dayz Day 707
Dan Day 332 (Miss you Dan)
Bonnie Day 1246
JaySee Day 632
Luckyv2/Vic Day 18
Lee/Justme57 Day 961 Hey....why so quiet??
Time2Surrender Day 383
Cathy31 76 days.....keep working it girl.
Miss Communicat/MC Day 190

Laci 06-12-2006 07:04 AM

Good Monday Morning DQ Family,

Thank you all for your encouragement and support. Muse...yup...those phone calls saying "well, where were you!" Arrgggg...dead silence...totaly humiliation...trying to come up with something quicky to cover myself. It is so not worth it anymore. I want to know what I'm doing each day and I want to know what I have said and done! I also would like to remember what I ate for dinner and what I watched on TV! lol.

Guys, the meeting was awesome!!! So true that when you are serious it is completely different than "just showing up" for appearances sake. Will go to another one after work tonight.

Denise...I love you sister. We are back on the bus together...hang on tight and do the "happy sober dance!" lol...remember that!

Must get going as work is calling.

Everyone have a great and sober day!


Little Missy 06-12-2006 10:48 AM

It's so great to have you all back on the bus!! Just warms my heart!!

So here's the verdict on my health problem. I'll be having surgery on the 21st to remove my right ovary and my uterus. Left ovary will stay, so I won't have to go through menapause!!

Doctor can't figure out why I have another cyst when I'm taking birth control pills. She said it was time for something drastic. I had a choice of surgery, or taking a $400 shot for 3 months that would shut down my stuff and put me into menapause. Maybe I'm like a computer she was trying to reboot. But no thank you. Wonder if she still wants me to see that GI doctor. hehe Oops on her part.

I saw the PA (who assisted in my last surgery) in the hallway at the Dr. office. I said we are doing to have another go at this. Please remove the parts this time!! LOL She laughed and said she sure would.

So, after next Wednesday, no more babies, no more periods, and hopefully no more pain (after recovery).

I'm sure my mind will be taking me through all kinds of stuff this next week, so please help me to hang in there!!

Love you all,

Phinneas 06-12-2006 11:08 AM

Love to you ALL of the DQ Bus. We can do this TOGETHER!


Arura 06-12-2006 12:18 PM

:kitty: Think i just missed this bus ,i'll try n catch the next one...

your all fantastic surpport to anyone who wanders in,
certain peaple do know who you are...

Just a great big Thanks for becoming part of my recovery....


ASH 06-12-2006 12:23 PM

Not Quitting Today

Missy You are so special in so many ways, sharing stories to make us laugh,
sharing ES&H, and a physical therapist to boot, your a star girl!!!
:hug:to you every day till the 21st and all through your speedy recovey too
stay positive, that pain will be gone!!!

Laura-Lu Glad the jaw thing is a bit better,
and I have had the same fear re insurance for years,
LOL, they got us coming and going. Extremly high rates and then
afraid touse it because if you do they wont take your money anymore!!!!
I realized I could die because I was afraid to use my insurance.
I use it now, I just moniter what the DR writes on the chart, geez,
these guys were the scorekeepers and note takers in hight school for sure.
Moved my appt up to tomorrow so we will see what happpens.

Gianna Wishing you a quick full recovery


Arura Glad you stopped by, check in again soon

(((DQs))) Stay on the bus with your friends :stooges:are we havin' fun or what????
No quitting today no matter what

Luckyv2 06-12-2006 05:25 PM

OK :bus riders strap on those seat belts good and tight and remember if you think (oh yeah not suppose to think) feel that you might be falling just start to :dance1a: and if that don't work you will get this

Vic :skillet Denise

wingsfree 06-12-2006 06:46 PM

Yepper Phinny girl WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER

((((Arura))))) a warm welcome to the Don't Quit gang, happy you've joined us....oh get ready to be hugged and loved lots.

Wow feeling so good seeing the gang all pulling together again. Real sorry so many of you are having health problems one way or another.....yeah I can relate to that myself...waving that MAGIC wand all around sending out good vibes and healing one's. got it sis..Sober Happy Dancing...oh I remember, time we did that know what that means eh? Yep get your butt of your chair...shake your tushie all around, shake what your mama gave you..weeeeee.

All kidding aside happy you've come back, this isn't a game we're playing is it? But...gotta keep a sense of humor don't WE?

Vic Vic I'm getting mean lately, but that's a darn good idea...oh yeah you don't wanna behave out comes the cast iron frying pan...
or maybe this:a043: OH MY GOSH YOWZA

Sticking with doing this:dance1: looks like more headaches...

For the life of me.....why keep using when WE feel so much better SOBER, so much HAPPIER....

Ok Vic off we go....beep beep

Sober Happy Bus Dance Riding


No Looking Back......

lulu70 06-12-2006 07:10 PM

Welcome to the bus, Arura! You have a lot of the letters in my name! (Laura) It kinda confuses me.... :) Anyway--hope you will stick around. This is the best bus in town and you can hop on ANYTIME!!!

2dayzmuse 06-12-2006 07:23 PM

Good luck on your surgery Missy. I know you are going to have mixed emotions about it. You can have my period. Stay strong...

lulu70 06-12-2006 07:27 PM

Originally Posted by 2dayzmuse
Good luck on your surgery Missy. I know you are going to have mixed emotions about it. You can have my period. Stay strong...

You can have mine, too. :) I'll be thinking of you!

Little Missy 06-12-2006 07:59 PM

((Arura)) Welcome to the bus!! Lot's of good things go on around here!!

And you ladies can keep your periods............... LOL I don't want mine or yours!!

Yeah, we're going through alot here. Kind of like, we've done this before and hope this will really fix the problem. But Drs are human too. We all make mistakes, but we do the best we can also.

Keepin the faith here!! Everything will work out the way it is suppose to!! (Remind me of that throughout this week!! hehe)

Phinneas 06-12-2006 08:41 PM

Originally Posted by ASH
Phinny How are the dear furry ones???

((((Ash))) I've missed you! Hope you can join our meetings again. You are a job ot be around and you have so much to offer.

My fuzzy family is truly the loves of my life. Words just can't describe the job, love and contentment thay give me every day,

I've been searching the images on thet and found some cool dog and cat art. Here's one of my favs -

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