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Need to get my daughter into rehab -quick!!!

My 21 yr.- old daughter has relapsed into a full blown oxyontin addiction. She was in rehab last year and was totally clean for several months. She says that she used on occasion, then has been really addicted for the last few months. I will attempt to give a short version, here. I confronted her a few weeks ago. I told her that I knew that she was doing oxy's again. At first, she gave me some excuses. Then, finally admitted it. I told her that she needed to get into rehab. She has no health insurance. She applied for state medicaid, but was denied. Now, she does not even have a job. She was not making much money before. She was a waitress, making very little money. the worker told her because she was"employable" that she did not qualify for a card. He encouraged her to apply for "disability". My daughter said, but I am not "disabled". But, he told her that her psychiatric condition may get worse and she would qualify for disabilty. All she wanted was some assistance for medical care. She even marked on application that she had a drug problem.
She is just getting worse. She needs rehab. now!!! She is taking pills just to feel almost normal. She does not want to go to rehab, for two reasons. The first one is that she cannot afford it. The second one is about her BF. She is afraid that he will break up with her. She stays with him and his parents. I cannot understand how he does not know. Unless, he is just being an ostrich!
Today, I told her that she must get into rehab. She does not want Inpatient. But, I know that is what she needs!!
I am currently physically disabled with a chronic disease. I have been very ill and have not been able to deal with this. However, I am feeling decent these days. She is my number one priority.
I worked as a nurse in a drug rehab, and psychiatric hospital. I know that she definitely needs inpatient therapy. I told her that I don't care about her BF, but I do care abbout her. She needs to quit worrying about him getting mad and breaking up with her. I just hope that if I get her into a facility they will talk sense into her. She kept her relationship with him, a secret from me. When she left rehab, she just tried to work it out "her way". I told her there is a reason not to in a relationship for a year. Yes, she was in this relationship prior to her rehab. She cried to me to keep her away from him, when she was in the rehab. Yes, she is co-dependent on him, too.
But, my question is how do I get her into a rehab, fast??? I think the insurance issue should work out. She is not working and has no income. I am just so sick about all of this. I would rather go through all of my physical pain, again, than have to endure this heartache!!
To think that I once worked in a rehab, and now I cannot even help my own daughter.
I know that I can call the community behavioral health, but they will give us an appointment for 3 or 4 weeks from now. Once upon a time, I had connections to help me get her in quicker.
So, where do I start to get her in, NOW??
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