I could really use some tips and advice.

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I need help
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Unhappy I could really use some tips and advice.

I've been involved with drugs for 40% of my life so far. I have been pretty good with them for most of my life and haven't done anything crazy like overdose or take too much. I have been very ill with a few different health problems that cause lots of pain and depression. My life has pretty much changed and I can't do anything anymore. I've found that i'm slipping further into drugs and I can't stop. Instead of taking a certain amount everyday, I find myself taking twice as much and getting totally messed up promising myself I wont do it the next day and I end up doing the same thing over again. I just want to stop and tkae my medicine the weay i'm supposed to. I need some tips on resisting the urge to take more. I fear I will cause myself damage if i dont get off this stuff soon. It's really hard on my conscience. I feel guilty about it and I feel like i have to stop, yet when a new day comes, all of the sudden I feel like i should take the drugs, and then when I do, i end up feeling bad about it and sitting around thinking about how stupid i am and thinking about why i can't just stop. I love my family and my fiance and I should be able to just take what the doctor says. But i jsut feel so horrible lately. I feel so sore. My whole body is like...a trap....i feel like i'm a mind trapped in a useless body. I know I have it better than many people and I can stillwalk and stuff but I am so exhausted all the time and so sore i can't even go buy some shoes or pick up some milk for my family. I literally am too weak to doanything ever. Without the drugs I would have shotmsyelf because of the horrible pain and anxiety but when i take more than i should i feel like killing myself too. I dont want to be a drug addict. I dont want to be that person. I am though. I want to have control over my life and my emotions.

Please somemone help me. What can i do to reduce the cravings i get to do that stupid stuff. There has to be something i can do besides the obviousthing. What would you do if you needed medication but was taking to much and needed to bring it back down to acceptable levels. What would you say......what could you do to break the cycle......

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart

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If needed but you can't find the will power to control it, I would say that the easy way would be asking someone else to lock up your meds and only give you what you should take at the right time.

A talk with your Dr and seeing what else is available may gain you some solutions. There are non-med kinds of pain relief that do work as well. meditation techniques and the such.

I would start by talking with the Dr.
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Tommy, there are a number of chronic pain support groups where people go to talk about all of these types of issues. YOur doc or mental health in your area can hook you up.

The cravings are a short term issue. They will pass to some extent if you can get back onto the prescribed dose only, however, as you have to take the meds in any event, you will likely continue to struggle.

Sleep is likely a problem for you, which makes you more sensitive to the pain. Try eating protein 1/2 hour before going to bed. It will help you stay asleep once you get to sleep. I know a doctor that does this with his chronic pain patients in Alberta.

You should also talk to your doctor, there are other types of meds that may be an option for you. In any event, your doc needs to know to supervise you.

You may not believe it but some form of exercise will also be useful. It will help you feel better emotionally, improve your energy level and give you something to do. Believe it or not, I have worked with a large number of people with chronic pain and those that forced their way through the initial discomfort/pain of getting started at exercising ended up doing far better in the long run than those that didn't because of the pain.

Depending on the cause of your pain, MSM, an herb, helps with inflamation and doesn't cause the upset of anti-inflammatories. Can get it at safeway or any healthfood store. Not sure if this is an inflammatory condition.

Hope this helps to some extent.

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I need help
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Yah this all is good advice. I will talk to my doctor about it. Ever since the snow thawed and it got a bit warmer i've been feeling awful. I don't sleep well at all either. I wake up every half hour to one hour when i'm "sleeping". If I could just slepe properly I would feel alot better. I probably wouldnt be overdosing on pain medicine to mask my illness. Excercise does really help but I have trouble doing it everyday. I find that I get very sore and my muscles hurt a million times worse after I do anything. I need to do it though even though it's painful your right. It's just so hard i have a fever 100% of the day and night so i can't really exert myself without hasving problems.

Is there anything i should think off when i'm tempted.....something to make me emmeber i dont need more emedication and that it won make mehappy.....The medication is already hidden by a family member but i alays find it somehow and get into it. It's locked up most fht time but my family memeber doent put it away sometimes so i end up taking as much as i want.......
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I am so sorry for what you're going through..I also live with severe pain that is some days disablijng.I have had dx like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis....on and on...........I was a prescription pill addict for almost 20 some I pretty much just use OTC rememdies and a lot of meditaion....there ARE times I take a narcotic..but never daily.only when nothing else works and the pain will not subside......

this is definitely a tough one for to your best advice...keep posting need lots of support. I have been very blessed in my recovery even though I have had to take some prescribed narcotics I have not abused them and do not crave abusing them.......something I thought could never happen for me.............

you know what can also happen with pain meds they caN CAUse physical dependence and the prescribed does will stop working so adjustments have to be made........we build a quick tolerance to opiates so talk this all over with your doctor alright?

my thoughts and prayers are with you.hang in there k? *hugs*
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I hope that this will help. I did some research on-line becaue my husband is going through the same thing. I found some all natural things that so far are helping with the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Glutathione is supposed to help with the cravings along with vitamin C. Ginsing is supposed to help with the withdrawal symptoms. There are other things to help detoxify your system. If you want to know those, I will be more than glad to share. My husband seems to be doing really good on these things. We are doing this on our own at home. Hope this helps.
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