sober 14 years, then this....

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Glad you're back and that you're seeking help from a marriage counselor and AA. I'll pray that everything works out for you and that you achieve sobriety again and keep your marriage together. I wasn't able to save my marriage, but AA has given me a life that's so much better than I expected.
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thank you for this is a powerful reminder to everyone here that this can happen to anyone, no matter how much sober time you may have......

i'm sorry you are going through all of this......someone close to me just got his first DUI and it has been so hard for him......i understand how you must feel.....but if this was a wake up call.....and it leads to your sobriety.....i would have to say that it was worth it.......and if the worst your bottom had to be this time is a dui and some financial and emotional is a blessing.....some people lose everything before they admit they have a problem....

good luck to you..
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Hi D3T,

I agree with everyone here. I am 16 days sober and your story really got through to me. I can imagine myself in exactly your position. I have started a journal and your post will go into it so that I can remember the tricks this disease can play on us. Thanks so much.

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Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Someone a couple weeks ago told me "Insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over expecting different results."

Well, It WILL be will be worse.
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Welcome back dt3, good decesion to go back to a program.

Work it, and it will work for wishes, hope3
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everything is already ok
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welcome back, it works if we work it.

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