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Old 12-24-2005, 07:15 PM   #1 (permalink)
I'm Tryin

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Hi everyone..I'm pretty new to this....This forum I mean....I'd like to tell a little of my story...Hopefully someone will read it...I started using Opiates hevily about 4 years ago...Anything I could find naturally.....After 2 years of use I broke down and ended up in A rehab facility..I felt I was doing the right thing by going cold turkey...I was tough you know...Thought so anyway.....I had been taking , on average, 100 to 160mg a day...Mostly OC's.....I went through hell for a long time.....Didnt sleep for 10 or 12 days..and then only got about 10 or 15 min. at a timefor a month or so after that.....I had made it for almost a year clen...maybe a little more...But I never felt righ...Never was " Normal"....And I think the shock of that cold turkey recovery scared me psychologicaly....So I naturally relapsed.....And have been using again for about 6 or 7 months pretty heavy.....I finally broke again,,,,Asked myself what the hell I was doing?....I'm still pretty scared of the future....I dont know totally hwat to expect this time....But I have been to see a doctor..And have enrolled in a Program that I hope will work much better.....I found that a taper is what seemes to work for me somehow....So now I'm taking Suboxone...its now Sat. Dec 24th and I've been taking them since Wed...I take 2 ,8mg tabs a day....And I cant believe the difference it made..I know its a Narcotic I'm not technically " Clean"....But it does feel Soooo much better than what I was doing...and the way I tried this once before....I was killing my family nad myself...All the lying, stealing...I couldnt do it any more....I was about to lose it all....
I guess what I'm getting around to...I'm still trrified I'll have to go through all of the withdrawls anyway, since this Is a narcotic...I'll be left in the same horrible Spiral..... I really need your prayers and thoughts....I have been reading alot of posts and I do feel hope..And I'm praying for alot of you all.... But if anyone can give me any advice on the use of suboxone or has been though this themselves..please let me know if it seems to work or what I can expect... this is just really scary for me right now......

I hope everyone is haveing a wonderful holiday.

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Thanks for sharing....

I think the NA and Substance Abuse forums have info.
Have you read and posted there?

Each Day Sober Is A Victory!!
Joy In AA Recovery!

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Old 12-25-2005, 12:23 PM   #3 (permalink)
You're never alone!!
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Hey Jawbreaker,,

I know someone that has been down the road of using sub to taper down.. Many have, and have done just fine.. I will try to hook you up.. I will appemt to get int tough with him today.. If not,, please keep checking back.. I don't know if he checks in everyday.. But since it's Christmas, he nay not anyway,.. But he did a quick detox, using the sub program.. He is doing well.. Liek I said, many have, and are clean,a nd well..

Hang in there, I am so glad you are feeling better

Love ya

Don't tell God how BIG your addiction is, tell your addiction, how BIG our GOD is!!
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Old 12-25-2005, 12:39 PM   #4 (permalink)

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I too just recently started taking Suboxone and will be tapered off 2 mg/month. Your story is almost identical to mine. Tried rehab once, and relapsed for 4 months or so. Then caught myself on the downward spiral and realized that i was even depressed while high. That's when i knew it was time to seek help. I tried going cold turkey again (like i did in rehab) but after 3 days I simply couldn't take it anymore and gave up. After a few of these instances, I decided to try something completely new. So I gave the doc a visit and got prescribed to suboxone. This was on thursday but i have been clean since wednesday. Best of luck to you Jaws. I would love to keep in touch with you being as we are on similar paths.. perhaps we could help one another.
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Old 12-26-2005, 10:51 AM   #5 (permalink)
I'm Tryin

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I'm glad to hear from you Bigchz...Itss odd how many eople are on the same path and we dont ever know it....I started the Sub last Wed... I'm taking 2 / 8mg tabs a day and I'm doing pretty well for an Oxy snorter I guess....I'd be moe than happy to help you any way I can and Iknow I'll probably need some...If nothing else..just to talk to someonewith such similar circumstances....My doc said today I'd be on this for another week and then we start the taper of 2mg every 2 or 3 days.....Good luck and I hope I hear from you soon....sorry it took so long to look and reply...I'll be watching closer now....Thanks everyone
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I was a heavy Oxy user, and started Sub 2 days ago. I feel like it's miracle for me...I know its only been a couple of days, but the difference in how I feel is remarkable....I do not wake up "pill sick", and for the last 2 days, I haven't had to worry about when my script (for OC) could be filled, OR where I'd get the next dose! I've only spent 10 or 15 THOUSAND dollars buying "extras" over the last 2 years. Sub therapy is a great deal! My doc. says I will be on a maintenance dose for 6 months or so, and then we will gradually taper off of it. I hope I am out of this viscious cycle at last. I know its early, but with Sub. I feel like I mow have a fighting chance! My doc. says with a taper down dose, withdrawal symptoms are MUCH less severe than stopping abruptly. In fact, I was a "new" person when I left his office after my 1st visit. I truly believe that with the sub., counseling and support from friends and family. that I will WIN this battle. Hope the rest of you do also. Good luck
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