4 months

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4 months

Just thought I'd pop in and say hi. We(the girlfriend) have been pot free for four months now! Thanks to all who helped my get through this. Its been a while since I have come here so I figured I'd give an update so you all would'nt worry/wonder.
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Congrats on your four months clean! It's a daily struggle but you did it! Way to go!!
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Huge congrats!
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What great news to hear. I had been wondering about how you were doing and now I know.

Today makes 7 months clean for me.

Isn't being clean great!
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Free from Weed!
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Hello everyone, I just want'ed to pop in and say hi!

Today is the 1 year mark of being pot free for me and the fiancee!!!

Great news right! Well guess what it gets better! We are going to have a baby! She's 4 months along now! I am so excited! This was one of the big reasons to quit in the first place.

Thanks to all who supported me, and helped me through one of the toughest struggles. I could'nt of done it alone

Hope some of the old faces are still around, send me a hello or a pm

PS I also quit drinking coffee(tougher then you'd think) cause it made me feel yucky, and I plan to quit cigarettes very soon, one step at a time.

Bye now!
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Hey Scared to be you, welcome to SR and I congratulate you on your achievement to date. There is so much more that is great and wonderful about getting past the addiction that I know you will go on to realize and enjoy. Great work and welcome.

Peace, Levi
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I am so glad that you and yours are doing well. Congratulations on having a baby. Being clean you will be able to enjoy your child so much more.

Get the cigarettes out of your life sooner than later, you'll be glad you did.

Me and the wife have been off the pot for a little over fifteen months now, sixteen months off the cigarettes. You quit "doing" coffee too? That's the one thing that we haven't done yet.


I hope work is going well for you now, seems to me it was stressing you out a bit when you got off the pot. Most of that stuff takes care of itself once the pot is removed from your life.

Again, Congratulations to you and yours, and enjoy life to the fullest, we sure are!
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How did you stop using pot? My husband thinks that because it's not a "hard" drug that its not that big of a deal to abuse it. He claims he wants to quit, but it has a hold on him. I find it so frustrating and I want to be more patient and understanding with him, but I find that I just can't.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Blessings to the two of you!
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Free from Weed!
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Its been around 3 years of being completely drug free. I am as happy as can be and my depression is pretty much gone. I sleep excellent now.

The first couple weeks is a rollercoaster but once you pass that it easier. When ever I felt the need to smoke, anger, anxiety etc. I would go gor a long relaxing bike ride. Basically keep your mind/body busy.
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congrats on 4 months!!!

Hugs and prayers!

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Four months is a huge accomplishment!

Many congrats to you...8
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not a greeter
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8 Excellent!!! Thanks for updating us .
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Congrats on 4 months! Way to go!!

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That's really good news!
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everything is already ok
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congrats to all of you for your clean time
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