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i'm new....

hello everyone

i'm new to this site.. accually i'm new this kind of sites. my name is phoebe. i'm 22. and i'm not an addict myself. BUT my mom is one. she is addicted to pills. This of course affects myself and my fameily very much, and is something we have lived with since i was maybe as young as 9 years old....

she has done better(well... has consummed less...) over the 3 last years, since i moved out. but from christmas til june this year, she has been in a bad shape... a very bad shape. then she didn'e eat any pills(well she eats asprin and such, but nothing harder) all summer, untill last week....

i don't acually have any questions about addiction... well i have one.... acually 2...

are there any forums on this site for kids of people with adictions? or are there any other sites any of you know of?

and how many pills does a grown woman have to take EACH day when she has been addicted for over 10 years to get the same affect as she used to? i guess that varies from person to person.... but i have always wondered about that.... she keeps saying i just tok 2.. but i don't think that our dog even buys that one..

well i guess thids got to be alot in the first post

well nice to say hey to you all

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Good Morning ((Phoebe)) Welcome to SR!! You may want to check out the friends and family section of the forum. They have Al-anon and Nar-anon. Hope you find what you're looking for!!

I'm and alcoholic, so I don't know the answer to your pill question. For us, it's a progressive disease. It just takes more and more, and still the "effect" we are looking for is not there.

Best of luck sweetie,
May all your days be filled with love and laughter!

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Hi phoebe,

I was a pill addict and like little missy said, it is a progressive disease. The longer you take them the more you need, so I would guess that after 13 years, your mother is taking a few more than 2.

Has she been on this site or do you think she would take a look? I spent a few months on SR just looking and reading and before SR, I totally beleived that I was the only person (in the world) in this situation.
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Hi Phoebe - I do so love your name, it was my grandmother's name and she was one of the kindest people in my life, when I was little.

I am an Adult Child of Alcoholics... hell, the whole fam-damily is addicted.... purebloods, I guess. (grin, that was a joke).

I have been dry for 20 years and married an alcoholic who has been dry for the same amount of time (dry - not drinking, but not working a recovery program). We have 2 kids and both developed addiction in past 2 years.

I have found Alanon, and it saved my life.... no exaggeration. I got very sick worrying about my children, their drug activities, where they were, who they were with, how much they were using/drinking, what were the effects, who knew, who didn't know.... can you see that MY life was all about THEIR addiction?

Yep. And it ruined my life.... with my permission.

I attend Alanon about 3 times a week - in my area there is no Naranon, and all the groups I attend understand that most addicts (not all) are also addicted to booze and the program for those who love them (that would be you and me) is the same.

I post down in the Naranon forum (under Friends and Family) and invite you to stop by and read some of the posts, meet some of the folks and grab a cup of (virtual) coffee.

I hope to see you soon!

No matter how spoiled the past may be, our future is spotless....

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Welcome to SR Phoebe!!
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Welcome to SR, phoebe...

My mom is also an addict, and I have found answers to the same sorts of questions you've been asking in Al-Anon. I've come to understand that I have been affected by the disease of addiction in those around me, and Al-Anon has helped me learn to heal from those effects and to live a much happier life.

Here's a link to the Friends & Families thread that was mentioned, as well as a link to the Adult Children thread. You'll find lots of supportive people there who have similar issues to what you've described.

I wish you peace...
Oh, yeah!!!

Recovery is not a mysterious process. The only mystery is why it took some of us so long to get here... and why some choose not to stay.
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