Today's Thought -- Forgiveness

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Today's Thought -- Forgiveness

MAY 18, 2005
You are reading from the book Today's Gift.

He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has need to be forgiven.
--Thomas Fuller

We have all seen adventure movies in which the heroes or villains are caught on a bridge that collapses. As they fall to whatever lies below, they are perhaps able to climb to one side or the other. But for the time being, their ability to cross between the two sides is gone.

When we have been hurt by people in our lives, or when we have hurt others, mutual forgiveness is needed in order to rebuild the trust between us. It is very much like rebuilding a bridge--one piece at a time. We take cautious steps at first--testing the safety and strength of our bridge.

When two people have become separated by loss or anger, it is forgiveness that can rebuild the bridge between them. Forgiveness needs time and so does the rebuilding of trust.

Can I begin to rebuild a friendship today?
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Thank you for the words!......Shoot!...You are some thing else!
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old enough to know BETTER!!!!!
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While I will agree, somewhat, with your thoughts on forgiveness and trust, sometimes the harm that comes from someone's hurtful act is so painful that forgiveness is not feasible. TRUST is never to be again also with that person because he/she crossed the line from a trusting friendship to a dishonest and self-serving monster preying on the weak and vulnerable!

Sorry, didn't mean to sound so BITTER and ugly ...... I just feel that some acts are unforgiveable. I used to naively trust EVERYONE and believed that we all have goodness inside of us ...... my naiveness was rudely faced with a person that I never suspected would hurt a soul. We just must keep our guard up! It's not easy for me because I'm forced to change the essence of who I am ..... but our hearts are fragile and it hurts to be hurt!

Don't know if that makes any sense!
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Hi Angelhugs and Findingme,

Findingme: "Don't know if that makes any sense". It sure does make a lot of sense to me. I too used to trust people with my own life and I felt betrayed ata given moment, even though presently it's all buried in the past and forgotten and forgiven. Still I don't understand why some actions were taking against me such as turning their backs on me after 20 years of knowing each other and being just like family. It hurts to be hurt this way.

I plan on no revenge whatsoever; as I said, it's long buried. But it makes me wonder on the essence of those people's souls and value as Human Beings.

To sum up, I've forgiven those people and am moving forward with my life, but I'll never consider them Human Beings of Pure Heart, trustworthy people.

I'll do my best to keep my distance from them. I know it's hard to believe it's not a revenge. No. It's selection of people that are worthy of my trust and those who are not.

Love - Pedro.

P.S.: please report to my thread "Pulling my life back together" in the "Newcomers Board".
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Perfect sense. I couldn't have put it into words better myself. *smile*

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