Now would be a great time for some help.

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Now would be a great time for some help.

I don't know if anyone has followed my story or not? Basically my girlfreind and I could not stop fighting when we drink. I started by telling her to quit and I would too. That is what brought me here. -- the long and short of it--

I have basically been sober for almost six weeks but blew it two weeks ago and ended up in the hospital. I've been clean ever since except right now I have had a shot of whiskey.

I had the shot because last night I had a girl over. I knew before she came that it was not right for me to do it. Toooooo soon. I still had her over. She spent the night but I did not even kiss her. It totally put me over the edge. Someone sleeping in Hope's spot on the bed. Someone sitting in her kitchen chair. Everything. Even my dog was so upset he cried all night. Today after dropping her off I went straight to my ex girlfriend's. I tried my best to get her back. She will quit drinking but slowly, not like I did it because that almost killed me. She said she loves me very much. She held onto me and we hugged and kissed the whole time I was there. I had to leave because her mother was coming over and I guess her mother does not like me too much right now. She said she has to think about it. Now I don't know what the "it" is. I asked her to marry me too. I pray to God that is what she is thinking about and not just getting back together. She will call when they leave.

I have been so good with not drinking. My head is only somewhat clear though as this has been wearing me down. This won't go away though. I don't know what to do if she chooses no.

I'm sorry to be such a big baby. I'm just so upset right now. What will I do if she says no? I have whiskey and beer right here waiting.

By the way, I am not drunk--I had only one shot. Any typing errors are because I am so bothered.
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Try to get rid of the beer and whiskey right now! Just throw it out. Everytime I bought beer, wine, gin, etc. and told myself I would just hold onto it and not drink it now, I drank it later. Get rid of that stuff! Try to get to a meeting. Don't know what to say about your girlfriend, except that taking another drink is not going to help anything with that situation. I'm pretty raw too, so don't know what else to say. Don't drink for yourself, but if you don't drink you are helping me and everyone else here out as well.

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That the strange thing about alcohol, one does not realize that it can do all that much damage,,, until its already starting to do it,, and gradually, in time,, b/4 you know it, the damage is done, empty bottle, empty life.
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Hey, you want to get the girl back? Lead by example, don't expect her to come around to your way of thinking and please, get rid of the booze. If your serious about quitting it's not safe to have it around. If she doesn't say yes, then it's not meant to be as simple as that, not the easiest reason to accept, but the truth! Work on you the rest will follow into place.
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One thing i know for sure is that drinking will not make ANYTHING better!By ending up iin the hospital have you not proven to yourself where alcohol takes you?
I know that being confused, upset, well there are a million excuses we as alcoholics use to drink. But just by getting rid of the booze, taking it one moment at a time and slowing down you will get by those moments. Keep coming back here I'm rooting for you and praying. \\//Peace and God bless
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Thanks all,

Well it did not work. She does not want to quit. I did drink.
I'm going into rehab for a month starting tomorrow so talk to everyone in a month.
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Best of luck to you and your recovery. I look forward to your return. There is a solution and it is there for you. Grab it.
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How are you today Boozer??

Hope you got rid of the alcohol....(by pouring it down the drain.)

Sending prayers your way!
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Thanks again everyone,

The booze is still here, I really did not think about it yesterday. I will toss it right now. Also, I leave for rehab in a few hours so any booze here does not matter for at least a month. Still I will toss it.

I'm afraid to go to rehab. What a change! I will be gone for 30 days and not see any of my friends, especially my dog who has been by my side all day, everyday. He will stay at my mother's. My mother owns his sister so he will have a good playmate the entire time.
It sounds silly but he has been there for me even though he too is very sad. He lost his mommy and his little boy. Now, out of the blue I take off. The poor guy is going to think everyone is leaving him. Well in a month he will know different.

The rehab will be good for me though. I have been very emotional after I quit drinking. Losing my ex did not help. She lived here a year and I can't look at anything and not think of her. That is why it will be good to get away. Different surroundings and all. Just a bit scary though. Well I got myself into this mess so now I have to deal with it.

Kind of odd too, I'm going to Napa but won't be doing any wine tasting. I've always wanted to do that. The scenery will be nice I guess? We will see.
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Wishing the best for you in rehab. Good idea to get rid of the boos even if you leave in a few hours. Please post when you get back and let us know how you are doing!
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Now I don't know what is going on. My parents are actually taking care of all arrangements. As of last night it was a place in Napa. Now maybe another place? Any way about it I leave sometime today, maybe just for an interview. Maybe Napa tomorrow? Hmm?
Well one good thing for now. I really blew off a lot of steam two days ago. Things that bothered me so much then do not as much now. Drinking is not someting I want to do.

The booze is gone now by the way.
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Good luck Boozer I hope everything works out well for you.
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So glad you are going to treatment. There is help. There is hope.

Take care and be sure to check in when you get back, ok?


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