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My roommate has a friend over and they are doing coke, my DOC and I'm so scared right now!!! I'm freaking in my mind and this is the ultimate test for me and I'm losing my mind!!
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Sounds like now would be a good time to get out of the house and go to a movie or to a coffee shop or a book store... a meeting?
Stay focused on yourself and staying clean.
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Sounds like a good time to invite the person to are a roommate, not a doormat. It's reasonable to expect your roommate to not make the place YOU live a dangerous place.

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I agree with BubbaBob. If you are not comfortable doing that then leave.
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((( Hope )))

Think it all the way thru.The morning after,the remorse and regret..ugh ! You have come so far,dont do it ! I agree with the above,ask them to leave or if you dont want to go near them,which I totally understand than leave for awhile.Call your sponser and if you cant get her call someone else from the fellowship,I am pulling for you hope.You dont haveto use,Prayers,Trish
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Wow i had to tell my friends that i like them to come and visit but dont bring booze into the house so far so good.I don,t think your room-mate is a very good person to be around maybe time to find a new one.Good luck........
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((Hope)) I hope it all went well for you!! Sounds like you have some important decisions to make. You are doing great girl!! Don't let others bring you down!!

Big Hugs,
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