Nicola Bulley - UK woman “missing” due to alcohol issues

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Nicola Bulley - UK woman “missing” due to alcohol issues

Strange and sad story here in the UK the past week or two. Nicola Bulley, a 45-year-old mum of two went missing on a morning walk. As she was by a river, it was thought she may have fallen in, but a search found nothing. This is an attractive relatively young lady, so it’s getting a lot of press attention. The ugly side of social media surfaced with people saying the partner must’ve murdered her and so on. I can’t imagine what the family, including two young children, are going through.

It does sound as though she voluntarily disappeared, and today the police announced she had alcohol issues. I don’t believe much the press writes, but this sounds plausible. I don’t know how, but perhaps she’s gone off somewhere with a sizeable chunk of cash (to evade detection) to “chill out” for a while. I don’t know how that would be possible as her face is very well known as you’d expect.

If alcohol is a factor, it shows how it amplifies whatever other problems she had. Certainly when I was drinking, I’d lose my temper very quickly over the smallest of problems and just couldn’t take on anything big. It sounds like alcohol and life have become too much for this poor lady. Even if she’s unaware of all the police activity going on, she must miss her kids (they’re like primary school age I think) and know they’re devastated.

Another thing that strikes me here are her friends saying it’s out of character. We don’t know what anyone else is really thinking or what their life is like. Yet another person I know is getting divorced - and I feel it terribly now that I’ve been through it - I thought they had a great marriage with lovely kids, but it turns out they weren’t even on talking terms. I’m stunned. I need to start reminding myself not to snap at people because I don’t know what’s going on with them.

Back to the news story, another angle is how drinking is used to assume someone or something isn’t right. When we were drinkers, we were very vulnerable to being criticised for so many things. As teetotallers, we’re above that. We’re better off and a lot stronger than most.
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Yes, I too noted on the news this evening that this lady might be 'one of us'.

I don't think we should be speculating further here on SR though. Prayers that it will all end well.

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Hope so too, Forwards. It’s not easy to “disappear” nowadays with cameras everywhere. Not a nice story whatever’s happened.
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HI Hodd, I've been following this too and was surprised they released such personal information, especially at this late stage. they never mentioned her vulnerabilities till yesterday which was odd. I think she must have gone into the river as there are no sightings of her either alone or with a TP and, as you say, it's hard to disappear with all the cameras nowadays. Just hope the family gets some closure soon one way or another
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Well, I'm going to disagree that it's not easy to disappear. There are tens of thousands of missing people in the U.S. I bet there are quite a few in the UK too, just this one is getting press right now. Pretty moms who disappear do get more attention, sadly...and those also get picked up by YouTube True Crime influencers.

I'm not sure alcohol should be to blame, but then I did put myself in a lot of dangerous situations when I was a drinking young woman. It's a miracle I lived to see my thirties, to be honest.

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Thanks for the story I hadnt heard of it here in the US. Isnt it funny that society is so happy to accept and normalize a drinker, even a heavy drinker, until their unmanageable life becomes a public issue and everyone wants to point to alcohol as the cause. But we all know its both a symptom and a cause.

My heart goes out to her. Being a parent of littles hard.
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I can't imagine what the family is going through. You're trying too hard to find a correlation here.
Nicola Bulley family call for end to public speculation.
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I really really don’t think it’s is appropriate to speculate about this sad case on SR. Please stop.
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Please oblige the family's wishes.

Correlation is not causation.
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We are closing the thread. Prayers for the woman involved and her family.
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