Done with Day 4...On to Day 5

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Done with Day 4...On to Day 5

I got a migraine today... due to hormonal issues... they are here whether I have been drinking in my life or not. I am making an appt tomorrow to finally see a neurologist.....In that moment I felt like drinking. I think I may have a bit of hypochondriac in me.... I have realized health concerns give me the most stress in terms of making me want to drink. I didn't drink though. I just got through it... However tomorrow is day 5 and in the last 5 days I have...

1. worked out 4 times
2. passed a really hard midterm test
3. learned a lot about myself
4. Washed my bedding
5. Ate decent ( not great but I am not getting hard on myself) ... I tend to eat well in general soda or fast food ect.... I just am trying not to obsess on my weight
6. Worked on my company ( not as much as I would like....but it will come )
7. Started to set boundaries with people
8. Got off a dating site because I have decided I don't want to date right now
9. Joined a support group for women who have been in relationships with abusive men
10. Went to the dentist ( only to find out I needed a root canal) but I made that appt and it is coming up
11. Ordered vitamins that are specialist just for me...which is super neat

I have gotten a lot more done both in life and emotionally than I would have had I had my usual wine every night.... I feel much more clear headed... puffiness in my face is almost 100% gone.... falling asleep is still troublesome but that was before I ever even touched alcohol as well... I think that I have identfied some underlying issues....

1. Hypochondria ( low end ) but it effects my self worth because it is distracting and causes anxiety
2. Obession about weight.... I don't feel worthy if I feel chubby
3. Allowing others to walk on top of me. Lacking boundaries

*** I guess all in all feeling like I have to hustle for my worthiness... when I feel the hustle gets to daunting I drink.... Well not anymore... I am determined to flex my sober muscles and figure out what is under the hood of all these things and own my story.

Night every...This really is the best group ever
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Nightmares all night last night Ö.
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That sucks, AJ143143. Just your subconscious mind wrestling out some problems, but it feels so yuck.

I rarely have more than one night of nightmares in a row, so hopefully you'll be all set for good restorative sleep tonight.
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AJ, I hope the migraine is gone.

We all, at least most I think, obsess about weight.

Congrats on the midterm.

I continue to learn about myself and others. The learning process is a goal unto itself these days.

To me, setting boundaries with people requires a tremendous amount of effort. I was not programmed with a mechanism for doing that easily.

They are good with those dental procedures now. I hope it goes well.
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AJ, good job on Day 5. I had nightmares too in the early days. They will go away before long, I think. I hope your migraine has passed.
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Thank you all. Migraine has passed but I get them often. I just finished a 2 hour workout. Yay. I have a big to do list today. I feel determined today Ö no desire to drink today. I really appreciate you all. It is so amazing to have people who care so much. Especially about these tough topics. So thank you everyone
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Oh and yes the back to back nightmares were tough. Especially cause I live alone. I am really hoping tonightís sleep is better. Even if there is insomnia I will be ok. I hate the feeling of waking up from nightmares
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Great job, AJ. Keep it up - life will get better and better!
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Way to go AJ.

Always makes me smile when realising I'm conversing with a whole bunch of drunks in recovery. Drunks talking sober.

We're pretty awesome, hey?
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Awesome job, AJ! Iím glad your migraine subsided!

You encourage me to work out! Happy sober Day!
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As day 5 comes to an end I am thankful.... I stretched my sober muscles today sooooo much ...... Very anxious today.... I think it was my fault for over doing it on the coffee this morning.... I decided to just walk it off and ended my day with 9 miles walked... Note to self: too much coffee can trigger me.... Happy to say it was a successful day and productive and I didn't drink even though I was anxious....
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Keep moving forward AJ - you're doing great
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