13 yrs sober today!!

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Awesome, least! Congratulations!
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SR has been an incredible resource for many of us. Congrats on 13years sober!
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Good job and keep it going!
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I miss Gilmer, least. Thanks for the heads up about that post- I will look for it.

Congrats to one of the people I look up to so much- your wise words, positive attitude strength through good and bad times and commitment to your beloved Billie are all to be admired and emulated. Congrats on your 13 years. Much love from me!
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Congrats, @least! Thirteen Years is EPIC!
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Well done!!
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Many congratulations Least and thank you for all you contribute here. I too have learnt the value of Gratitude from you.

Warm wishes as always, Forwards.
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Massive congrats that's inspirational, brilliant 😁😁😁
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VikingGf, here's the quoteTo quote Gilmer.

“There is a great difference, though, between quitting because you know something's bad for you and quitting because you know that there's something better for you.”
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Congrats least, a fantastic achievement!
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Congrats Least!
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You've hit the teenage years! Well done. Congratulations Least!
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voices ca**y
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Congratulations Least. You are a blessing to us all.
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Life is Grand
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Congratulations Least!! How awesome!!

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13 years is mighty impressive. Congratulations least 🎉.
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^^^. I love your quote, I'm a big fan of Thoreau and even got to visit Walden Pond once a long time ago. Beautiful place.
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^^^ 🥰 it looks just lovely there least!
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Splendid! I admire folks who choose a solution and follow through. Nice job!
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You rock, we all rock!

Congrats and thanks for all you do.

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