One year down, all the rest to go.

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One year down, all the rest to go.

Day 365.

My sincere thanks to all on this site who have posted, reached out and provided the support and guidance which has helped me get to one year of sobriety. If you are new at this, I used SR alone to get here, it can be done. It wasn't on my first try, so never give up. Keep going, keep working and I know it sounds trite- if I can do it, anyone can. I was lost for a long, long time, and now I'm not. Life is so much better, it's not perfect but it's pretty great- even when it's hard, because I am clear-minded, I am present, and I can think and make good choices. The guilt, the regret, all of it is truly gone- I was able to work through it and let it go. I finally believed the words of those who came here and said, "Just don't drink, it will get better." I listened, and they were right.

Never give up, keep going and it will get better. You have nothing to lose by trying.

Thanks, SR. I'm so grateful to be here.
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So very excited to see this post! My classmate, my friend! You have worked so hard, and I couldn’t be happier to be celebrating this anniversary with you. Thanks for all your support, and for providing an example of how lasting recovery is accomplished. I know that this isn’t the finish line and that the work will continue, but today I want to congratulate you on reclaiming your life. Bravo!
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Huge congratulations Viking 🥳☺️
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Viking, proud to have you in my class.

You deserve no less than a huge congratulations!

A year is superb and amazing.

I thank you, for all your posts to me and others here…….

Great job on your last first year…..
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Congrats on your 365 days!
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Big congrats on the first of many sober years! . I always appreciate your posts.
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Awesome. Congratulations Viking.
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👍 Well done, Viking, and thanks for your posts/replies too.
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Congratulations on your first year of sobriety VikingGF
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Congratulations on the 1st of many years to come!
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We all saw this coming. You did too, but it's still a big day.
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Oh man, that cake!

Huge congrats, Viking. It does keep getting better.
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Congrats! I like how you said:

"Just don't drink, it will get better." I listened, and they were right.
For me, keeping it simple like that was the most helpful. Congrats again!
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Congratulations, Viking! Thanks for the inspirational post.
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Congrats on a year sober.
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Well done Viking.
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THIS IS AMAZING! Congrats. I am so happy for you. One year is quite the accomplishment.
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Congrats Viking! This is is inspiring to read. Fantastic!! ❤️
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Congratulations VGF

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Thanks so much everyone. I appreciate all the kind words. DriGuy! That cake! Now I want cake…
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