Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

Today's the day to stop lurking and introduce myself. I've always been afraid of social media so posting is a big step for me, as funny as that might sound.

I haven't had a drink in 700 days. I owe a lot of the credit to the people in my recovery group and it took being sober more than a year before I could admit that. Before then, I wouldn't give anyone credit for helping me get clean because it might mean there were people who cared about me. No one, I thought, could, or should, care about a guy so worthless he spent a decade trying to destroy himself with booze.

But I could not deny seeing their smiles when I sat in the circle and talked about my successes. And I couldn't deny the concern in their eyes when I talked about my demons. And after a time, when one of them would talk about the shame of relapse or the pain of loneliness with tears in their eyes, sometimes I felt like I was being stabbed in the heart.

I needed to be sober a long time before I realized just how wonderful, and powerful, caring people are. It took me even longer to admit I wanted to be a caring person too. Sobriety has made me more human.

If you're reading this and you're the kind of person who posts messages on SR to let other people know someone cares about them, I hope you never doubt how amazing you are.

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Welcome to SoberRecovery NovemberDon . Congratulations on 700 days of sobriety, that is excellent.
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That’s great congratulations.
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welcome aboard Don

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Congratulations November Don. Thanks for posting.
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Welcome, NovemberDon. What a beautiful post.
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Welcome and congrats on 700 days. I really appreciate your post, thank-you.
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It is a much better way
Congrats on 700 Days!
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Welcome NovemberDon.
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Congrats on 700 days NovemberDon! And well done taking the step and posting....Thanks for sharing!

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That was such a lovely post, Don. I'm so glad you joined us.
Congratulations on your 700 sober days. It's so wonderful to be free of it. I'm glad you're treasuring your new life.
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Welcome, and congratulations on 700 sober days!
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Life is Grand
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Your post hit me in just the right spot, had me choked up, thank you and welcome Don.
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Glad you joined SR NovemberDon.
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Welcome, Don! Great post. Congratulations on the sober time. We are all worth it.
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