Gratitude thread

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Gratitude thread

Folks, let us record one thing that we are grateful for today:

I am feeling grateful for my annual medical report that has come out so well with no major issues
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I'm grateful for new years and fresh starts! I'm also grateful for tea and chocolate x
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voices ca**y
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I am grateful I have no pain. Physical at least and I will keep healing from the other kind.
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Grateful for a comfy place to live, plenty of healthy food, and a fireplace.
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bona fido dog-lover
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I'm grateful we have a whole forum dedicated to gratitude.
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I’m grateful to have gone from having had not much work before Christmas to having loads of interesting work now !
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Iím grateful for being able to enjoy the little things in life surrounded by people I love.
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52 days sober
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I'm grateful my daughter has just been discharged from hospital and the medication seems to be working.

Also Rhubarb Danish.
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I am grateful for my 10hour uninterrupted sleep last night..
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I am grateful for staying sober today. I am grateful for tennis and an avenue to meet new partners! I am grateful for my little who is growing into a smart young person.

i am grateful for the roof over my head. Lastly, I am grateful for SR.

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Grateful to be sober 🙏
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I love these threads.

I'm grateful for so much, but today it was finding a little bag of Ruffles when I had a snack attack. Good Lord-when you crave some chips it can be better than a NY strip.

More seriously-I'm grateful for the last chance I got almost 6 years ago to prove to my family and my creator that I could do this.
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I know I already posted but I am grateful again today! Thanks, sobriety for reminding me that there are SO MANY things to be grateful for.

I am grateful to be sober and still alive. I am grateful for my silly dog who love to play and cuddle. I am grateful for my body and itís ability to exercise even though I am still in those tired early days. And finally I am grateful that I know these tired early days will not be here forever.

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I don't have to drink! There's other stuff too, but I don't have to drink.
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I am grateful for the awesome dinner last night.
I am grateful for the love and caring my family showers on me
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Grateful for a quiet mind that no longer begs me to drink.
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Grateful for the good hearted folks at SR who help me everyday to vanquish this demon I created
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