woke up differently today...

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woke up differently today...

Woke up sober Day 2.
THE best gift Ive received (and given) in years!
Crazy Dreams, a bit tattered sleep, but Ive come to know that's evidence that Im recovering! (already).
Didnt NEED to guzzle half a gallon of juice to feel somewhat hydrated. Was able to enjoy my coffee, with out waiting for the probable run to the bathroom to poop or worse (sorry)

This time , I got this- "This is it" and I thank YOU here for being here...and awesome support.
Merry, Merry indeed!

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Merry Day 2, Ascended!! Keep on going, it gets better.
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Congrats on day 2.
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Congratulations on day 2 Ascended
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Keep going!

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Great work Ascended keep it up
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Keep tight hold and keep going...
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Congratulations on Day two, Ascended, and I also hope that you stay sober! It is indeed the very best gift that you can give to your self and others.
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Christmas Eve 2021 is a great Day 1 Ascended, and congrats on Day 2. Laying your head down sober tonight must surely feel good. Here is to heading into 2022 sober and on our healthy roads!!!
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Congrats on Day 2 Ascended.
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One day at a time 🙏
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Way to go Ascended, you rock!
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So proud of you, Ascended. It's the most wonderful feeling ever - waking up with no hangover or regrets. You're doing this!
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