Wondering if anyone has been able to moderate

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What Billymacintosh said!
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I wish I had a different story, but I don't. Whenever I "fell off the wagon" it was a short walk right back to where I was. There really was no path except quitting totally. I am sure there are plenty of people that can have a few drinks and quit. They are not alcoholics. But for me, one would lead to 10 or more. Fairly typical I think.
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I got better when I started asking better questions.

How do I moderate? became how do I moderate the destruction?

When it finally became what makes life great without it? I started to find better answers.

Best of Luck on Your Journey!
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Originally Posted by LoveHateWhine View Post
Tried many times and failed miserably. It was harder and harder to stop each time.
I've read many times that it seems to get harder and harder after each relapse. I'd say that trying to moderate is literally betting your life that you can moderate, and the odds are incredibly bad.
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People who are moderating aren't moderating, they are "normal" drinkers. As soon as we put limits or rules in place, we are certainly showing that we cannot moderate. Moderation turns into out of control pretty quickly in my world, anyway.
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I cant moderate because I really dont want to.

I want to be drunk.

Not pleasantly buzzed. Not tipsy. Not loosened up. Not social. Not lubricated.


And the minute the switch flips to ON , its not going to be turned off until I'm very very very inebriated.
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I define my alcoholism as an allergy to alcohol combined with an obsession to drink it.

The allergy changes me into a different person once i have alcohol. The way I see it i am not the same person once I have the taste of alcohol. So it becomes impossible for me to do anything. The guy that I turn into after I take a drink may choose to not drink very heavily in a given night but I have no control over that. Once I take that drink the decision to moderate is in the hands of my evil twin.
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