Four Months off Alcohol. I guess that's a good thing

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Four Months off Alcohol. I guess that's a good thing

So it's been a rough four months unfortunately. My mental health deteriorated quite badly. I've just had my anti psychotic increased to the max dose, so we'll see if that helps. I started lexapro for anxiety and it's sort of helping with no side effects.

I'm planning on returning to college in September. I haven't been in college since the 2015/2016 year when I injected meth and things unravelled. I'm excited but nervous. I'm not sure how I'll handle the pressure of final year engineering with frequent psychotic episodes. But sobriety will help. My alcohol and drug problems were very bad in 2nd and 3rd year. Though that also means I don't really remember them and am woefully unprepared for 4th year.

So that's what's happening. Maybe college will be a really good thing. I'll get into a good routine, have some purpose and self worth, lay the groundwork for a career. Staying sober will help all that.
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I think you've come through some very rough patches well FF.

Things are looking good for you now and to me that's the direct result of staying sober and looking after the other aspects of your health.

Keep doing the right things man


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Well done FF. I know it's been really hard going at times but you've kept going and you've done an awesome job

I hope you can take some self worth from this achievement. Routine and purpose is really helpful too and college will give you that xx
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FF, you are giving this everything you got and it shows. It really shows. Your situation is very complex and I commend you for staying sober and getting through all that is going on. Having something to look forward to and work towards is so beneficial.
I do think you will get back to University and you will graduate. Keep on going, FF. Keep posting. Keep close. Keep fighting the good fight! I believe in you.
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Well done freedomfries! I continue to be in awe of your perseverance and self-care! I see all you are doing as the ultimate in self-care - dealing with your difficulties without drinking and doing the very best you can, over and over. You're a superhero!
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FF, you've been through a lot and are doing so well now. I'm glad that the new meds are helping and I hope that continues.

You know there's a saying 'Do the next right thing' and that's all we have to do. I'm glad that returning to school is giving you a sense of purpose.
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Four months sober is wonderful. Keep it up.
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Good job on 4 months FF! That is wonderful. I have no doubt you can be successful in school. Just take it one day at a time and try not to worry to far into the future. Sobriety changes everything.

Some of the greatest minds have struggled with mental illness. Do not be discouraged. Our hardest battles are our greatest achievements. Keep going
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4 months is amazing!! Congrats.
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Thanks for the replies everyone.
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Congratulations on 4 months freedomfries
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