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Unhappy Looking For a Place To Belong>

Hi Family,
I'm Israel a 25-year-old from Ghana. Just got back from a treatment center after spending three months trying to understand my disease and how best I can cure myself. Drugs had been a part of me from an early age in my life. Until recently when it almost took my life. I decided to stop everything I was doing to seek help for the first time in my life. Gratefully I had a father who held me down and did all he could to find me the best treatment I needed. It was a very memorable experience. Learned a lot about my disease and how best to stop it and stay in sobriety. Being back home has just made me an introvert which I'm not. An extrovert as I am I'm scared this new way of life will lead me into something else just because my family doesn't want me out there like I used to. My nation is now accepting the addiction community and trying to understand us and also find a way to help us.

Before I left the treatment center, the man who build this beautiful facility passed on. He was the reason my father took me there. He's been sober for 17 years and was now helping others on this journey of sobriety. I learned a lot from him just by listening to him share. Since his death, the facility has not been the same. Fear of relapse has been driving us crazy because he's our go-to person.

Since I've been back, all I do is try to find a safe heave for myself. looking for zoom meetings, a like-minded community to be a part of, and continue to be around like-minded people. I don't want to let go of this new way of life that I have found. since the age of 8, this is my first time being sober for more than 3 months. I'm glad I found this place and I hope I get to stay forever.

I would ask if I can be a part of any N/A meetings online anywhere in the world at any time. I just want to be in a meeting, just to listen and be at peace. For now I'm trying my best to keep it "ONE DAY AT A TIME"

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Hi and Welcome Israel

we don't hold any meetings here but you are very welcome here .
join our community - there's lots of people to talk to and to share recovery with

(I would think you'd welcome at any NA meeting,online or not based on what I know of NA )

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Welcome to SR, @MISSIO14! I'm glad you found us here. You'll find lots of understanding and support!
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Keep up the good work. Post here. You will fit right in.
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Welcome, Israel.

You are welcome here and we do understand how hard this is. We are always open, so feel free to read and post anytime you like.
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Hi Israel, welcome. You'll find lots of support here. Also if you google 'narcotics anonymous online meetings' it should bring up a huge list of online meetings all over the world.

Glad you're here.
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Welcome Israel, you've come to right place.
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I don’t have NA Meetings saved, but I do have this Link to share with ya! I am still attending Zoom Meetings. We just opened recently here (California) and I just don’t feel comfortable going in person yet.
All groups use the 12 Steps, and the Big Book. I hope this can be of help.
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Hi again,
It takes a wee bit to download all the meetings. ⏳
I find slowly scrolling down the pages works. Itís a 7 Day Meeting Lineup.
Please be patient.
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Welcome to the family! I hope you'll make use of all the support you'll find here.
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Hi Missio14 welcome to SR, you’ll find a lot of like minded people here who understands what you’re going through
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How are things going Israel?

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Great to meet you, Israel. I hope you'll continue to post. I felt all alone until I found SR. The wonderful people here helped me heal and stay free.
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