11 days, I feel crazy

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11 days, I feel crazy

Iím proud of 11 days. This the longest Iíve gone in quite awhile, but I feel almost crazy. I find myself doing anything to keep myself occupied. I get random bouts of anxiety that just consume me. Then I feel ok for awhile. I also just feel so unmotivated at the same time. I donít want to do anything. And sugar cravings. I donít remember them being this bad the last few times. Ugh. All I can do is keep on keeping on.
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11 days is awesome. Nice job! Yeah it's tough early on. You're not alone in these feelings. Each day our sober muscles will get stronger though.
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I experience alot of what you describe JJ, I'm less than a week ahead of you in days. I remind myself my brain is recalibrating and it is temporary. The real craziness was the drinking and I'm bringing my mind and body back to health. It's not pretty but it's prettier then drinking. It's well documented on SR that it does get better so we have alot to look forward too, just gotta keep going as you said.
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I was edgy & anxious for a while - but it all settled down. Sugar cravings too - they got less & less. Being unmotivated is normal, I think - we're exhausted from all we've put our body through, & need to build up some strength.
Congratulations on your 11 days.
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Oh that is so me! I feel plain insane. It lasted for me a long time when I tried to quit before. Should be interesting to see how long it lasts all in all.

Hopefully we make it back to Earth.
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You're still early in recovery and it will take more sober time for you to start feeling 'normal' again. Treat yourself well, with good food, rest, and exercise, and you'll start feeling better.
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Sugar is fine the first few months, you can work on that later. Motivation slowly comes back, mine was really dead this time, partly from this whole pandemic thing I think. Tired of being alone, can't go out and see people the same way. But slowly returning now at almost 90 days.

So my point is just stay sober, even if you do nothing else. It will get better.
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11 days is great, and it sounds like you’re using those bouts of energy well. I still find going for a walk outdoors each day helps keep me grounded. I also love to read, and definitely can binge watch with the best of them. I have been sober for over five years now, and I no longer miss alcohol. I do not know when that happened, but I promise it does.

You’ve got this, keep reading and posting!

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Hi jj. At 11 months sober I keep being surprised at how my new 'normal' keeps developing. My experience was that after three weeks I felt physically ok, and at 70 days my anxiety and low mood just seeped away. This may seem like a long time but it improved daily, so if you are the same as me (which you may or may not be!) you'll feel so much better very soon.

It's only really by looking back that I could see how far I had come

As for sweet cravings, I just indulged them. Figured there had to be some upside to sobriety 😂 . They also really helped me with cravings and I knew (which has been proven right) that not drinking long term was so good for my health that I was in no rush to lose weight or get really fit. There's plenty of time for those things in long term sobriety 👍
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I too know that feeling.
Don't drink and it will pass.
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It is true that it will pass. It surely does not feel that way though. Faith. It does get better and there are so many people here to tell you that. My first few months were wild but all of ups and downs leveled off and now I am walking along without so many uphill battles. You got this! stay the course. Its a steady paced marathon.
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11 days is great, keep it up. I remember at about two weeks I was feeling much better.
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