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You can decide what is healthy and good for you. I attended meetings in the beginnings of my sobriety this go round. I no longer attend and I am sober. I have my own little "program" and it is working just fine. Its not even a program ....Its living life.

The program of AA is not for everyone and it does not have to be. Life is full of so many roads and I really despise the "one size fits all" approach. People relapse in AA and out of AA. People are people. You can find what works for you and you can maintain your sobriety.

I'm not encouraging you to leave AA and I am not encouraging you to stay. Its your choice 100%. I hope you are able to listen to your voice and find your own road. Sometimes we get caught up in what others think and become influenced. Im not saying you are doing that but I can hear some pressure from the AA folks. Knowing what is true for you is so important. Stay close and keep posting. We are here for you.
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AR, I havenít been to AA in a while. Some issues, and now the virus.
Online meetings are an option. Think Iíll check a couple of them out this week.

Sharing here at SR has been a Godsend for me. I think we really need community. To share our struggles with like-minded people.

Good luck with your sober journey!

As long as you keep being willing to learn and grow, (and to avoid imbibing) canít go too far wrong, right?

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AnxiousRock, take a look at Women For Sobriety.
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Originally Posted by Erica375 View Post
AnxiousRock, take a look at Women For Sobriety.
we don't have it here
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