Two days sober after a binge

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Unhappy Two days sober after a binge

I had been sober since 2018 and I screwed it alllll up by getting incredibly drunk and sick two days ago. I haven't slept since. It doesn't help that I am having traumatic nightmares from a domestic violence incident in December. The guy is currently on the run from felony assault, property damage, theft and stalking. He is facing 20 years and he is only 32 years old. I feel like I ruined his life... victim remorse I guess.. and I shouldn't feel this way. He assaulted me and stole my phone, busted my door down and stalked me online. I live in fear constantly and my anxiety between that and not being with my daughters has me climbing the walls! I guess I just needed to vent... Thanks for listening.
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So sorry you are going through this. First, are you safe? Staying sober makes it easier to respond if you aren't. Take care of you. You're in a good place to get support.
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Welcome to the forum mamainrecovery. So sorry to hear of your situation, not surprising you drank, but of course we know it doesn't help matters usually. You will find support here. Did you know this person? I hope they catch him soon and put an end to your fear and anxiety. Were you able to remotely wipe and disable your phone?

Keep posting, if you had two years you can still get back on track without too much difficulty.
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Congrats on two days! You aren't going to ruin his life. He chose to do what he did and actions have consequences.
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Welcome to the family. I don't feel sorry for the guy who attacked you. His behavior was his choice. Don't waste your pity on him.

I hope you'll use the support here to get sober again for good.
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I don't feel sorry for him either. If he were not made to face the consequences he'd still be out there stalking, assaulting, and robbing some other poor woman. What a hero! He ruined his own life.

Just so long as you are safe is all I care. Do you have support from a women's service of some kind? Support at all?

Well done on on long spell sober since 2018. You have all this knowledge to build on now. Well done on current 2 days. Keep building.

I'm so very sorry this happened to you.

You will emerge victorious. Just stay sober.

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HI Mamainrecovery - welcome

I don't think you should waste any thought or pity on this guy - if nothing else you have a big fight in front of you to stay in recovery...use all the energy you have for that
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Welcome mama. I'm glad you found us. You aren't alone.
Congratulations on your sober time - you can get back on your path to recovery. Keep posting - we all care & want to help.
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Do your best
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You got us to lean on
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I'm glad you are okay and I hope you are doing everything you can to keep yourself safe.

This man has committed crimes by assaulting you, damaging your property and stealing from you. He does not deserve your remorse.
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You didn't screw it all up MIR. Not at all. You have been traumatized and you slipped. Don't worry about that and focus on what you need to do to stay sober.

As for him, he made his bed and has earned what is coming to him. You aren't responsible for even one iota of that. Shame on him for what he did to you.
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how are things mamainrecovery?

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