Rewards and escape

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I find going for a walk at the end of a work day relaxes me, even just 30 minutes outdoors calms whatever may have happened throughout the day and allows me to enjoy my night. I do like to drink Sparkling water at night, and I also love Arizona Zero.
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This is interesting. I recognise the feeling of needing something to mark arriving home after a work day. Thats certainly when I would crack open a bottle of wine and proceed to drink it, while preparing a meal. I no longer go out to work and no longer drink that bottle or two, but I still get that feeling of wanting something to mark a change of state between one activity and another - like arriving home after a journey, or finishing a couple of hours gardening, or completing a painting session.

its not a Reward as such, just something to fill the gap between activities and I think its a very common experience. Drinking folk reach for alcohol, others put the kettle on and have a cup of tea (or similar).
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I meant to add .... the feeling is never going away. Our problem is finding ways to deal with it which dont involve alcohol. And Im afraid I dont think simulated alcohol is a good idea. Better to develop another habit.
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Every time I have tried this, it has eventually lead to drinking again every time
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