Day 115 (I think)

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Day 115 (I think)

Well I havenít posted on here in a very long. I hope youíre all doing well.

I had to get some help to quit this time.

It wasnít masses of help, but having someone call me weekly gave me something else accountable, and every little bit helps I guess.

Struggling a lot at the moment with past mistakes. Replaying them. Wishing Iíd done things better/differently. Really annoying to be honest....

Also got the AV telling me to only do a year then I can drink again......

This times definitely the hardest both to quit and the after effects. Sure itíll be worth it in the long run
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Congratulations on 115 days sober!
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Nice AI. Great that things are working for you. Yeah, don't listen to that dirty little AV of yours. They're all killers. 115 days is awesome.
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Really glad to read this Al - congratulations on your sober time

I know it’s hard, but try not to focus on yesterday .... we can’t change the past - but we can do a lot with our today

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Good job Al. I also struggle with regrets at times. It is best to not look back too much and live in the present. We cannot undo anything we did, but we can make a difference each day going forward.

I found the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle to be helpful, along with another book of his - A New Earth.
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I’m impressed AI that you were brave enough to ask for help, and look, it’s paid off.

What’s with this AV and one year? You know how it’ll end if you drink.

There must be some physical and mental good stuff to tell us? 115 days is good going. Keep going, and remember that not drinking is a permanent thing now.
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