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I知 wondering if this is still an active community to look for support. I am struggling with alcoholism. I am a functioning alcoholic, amongst many other addictive vices. I知 hoping to find the strength to quit for good. Battling a relapse after a year sober. I will digress if I know this site is still active. Thank you all.
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Hi and welcome

Yes we're very active and we have many alcoholics here - some stopped, some trying to stop.

.Pull up a cyber seat and, if you like, share more of your story

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Welcome, this is a great online recovery resource with many success stories 🙏
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Hi PP, yeah the site is still active, I'm active in recovery and have found this place a key resource in getting sober and building a sober life
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Welcome Peachy! We are definitely active. There is always someone here, day or night.

Make use of the awesome support here to help you break free from the chains of alcoholism.
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If you looking for an active place, you found it. SR is very helpful with many caring people around. Welcome to your new cyber home.
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Yes we're still active. You're very welcome here. Good luck in your sobriety.
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Welcome. I would describe this site as unusually active, and many have said it was a major player in their recovery. Of course, the alcoholic has to be the most important factor in his own recovery, but added help from those who have "been there" is a big plus.
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Great to meet you, Peachy. SR helped me stop drinking after decades of dependence. I know I never have to feel alone again. Welcome!
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Welcome Peachy.

Are you ready to stop drinking? Have you tried before?

I quit and I leaned heavily on this site and its deep well of wisdom - there are hundreds of thousands of past threads and many current active members. If you post, someone will answer.
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I'm glad you've joined us, Peachypenguin. You will find lots of support here. Since you had a year of sobriety, I'm sure you have a good idea what you need to do. Maybe you can find some ideas to add to your plan so that you can remain sober.
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Welcome, very happy to have you with us
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Peachypenguin View Post
I知 wondering if this is still an active community to look for support.
I think so...



Just an FYI - you'll get sober when you're ready. That's my position.
It can be as monumental or as simple as you make it. There is an equation to it, but it's not exactly rocket science stuff.
Stop drinking. That's all you have to do.
When you want to drink alcohol - drink or do something else.
If you can master this - you'll be on a role.

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Welcome to SR. Lovely to have you here x
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are you out there peachypenguin?

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Welcome Peachy - this place is very active and saved many a soul, including my own. Welcome.
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