Checking In just because...

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Checking In just because...

Life is going really well, not perfect everyday but I don't remember being this satisfied with it.

I'm still fairly active with a normal 5 miles of just moving around in addition to the gym and kayaking.

I don't keep track of the exact day any longer and still only worry about now/today and try not to think down the road.

I just calculate the dollar amount I haven't spent on the beer and holly $%^&*() that $20 a day adds up.

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That is awesome stuff C0ntr0ls. My $30+ per day habit was financially debilitating. I knew it conceptually but within a few months of getting sober, I miraculously had money in my bank account and no longer had to worry about how I was going to afford other things. I was north of $1,000 per month and that is not counting ANY of the horrible financial decisions I would make when drunk. I thought when I got sober and the fast food places near me would surely all go out of business.
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Great post, and I'm glad you're doing well.
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Congrats controls. Above all else this site has given me hope that a sober, Contented life is possible and your post does that!!
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Hey controls! Glad things are going well and thanks for checking in!
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Glad you're doing well.
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