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I found out I had Hep-C probably 4 or 5 years ago. I am also a chronic alcoholic (2 weeks sober). And to add to it I take far too my Excedrine daily for headaches - so needless to say my liver is not in good shape. Im 33 and was already dependent on booze and benzos at 17.
From what I have heard and been offered in the past of the hep-c "cure" drugs, you can get them from the clinic for free once in your lifetime. Once a day for 12 weeks. If you drink or take certain meds or miss doses it will not work and you will never again qualify for the hep c meds. So I have declined to take it until I was sure I could stay sober and remember to take the daily dose.
Im in a drug and alcohol program and from here am going to another long term residential program so Im ready to start.
Has anyone taken the Hep-C "cure" meds and what were the side effects?Did it work?
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I have no personal experience with HepC but I think the medications can do quite a good job. I'm glad you're sober and ready to take the treatment for your HepC. I'm glad to hear you'll be continuing in a long-term residential program.
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My brother had Hep C (injecting drug user) and received free (new) treatment from the Methadone Clinic here in Australia. He has completely recovered and no longer tests positive. Miracle drug.

I really hope you seek treatment and no longer decline a drug that could save your life. And all for the sake of a drink, or a missed dose. Twelve weeks is nothing in the scheme of things.

NOTE: Another (younger) brother died about 2 months ago from liver cancer directly related to hepatitis C.

Don't mess with it man, it turns up maybe 30 years later and there is no way back. And it's not pretty. I was there.

I hope you have stopped drinking and take this very seriously. You could keep drinking forever until you "feel ready" and you might miss the boat. Congrats on 2 weeks. Start of a new life.

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My brother died of Hep C. He was a chronic alcoholic. The liver is the primary site of alcohol metabolism.
Milk Thistle is a good supplement along with abstinence from alcohol.
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I'm sorry you lost your brother CRRHCC. We have something in common. Both our brothers. It has been a really sad time. My brother was a really good fellow.
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