How to tell my sponsor I relapsed?

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Originally Posted by mistory5 View Post
ty, I sure hope so. im going to her house and she said she said we would have hot tea and if I wanted to talk about it and if I don't it's ok. But I want to talk about it. This morning when I talked to her I kept saying the same things over and over. I kept talking about exactly what happened and the fact that I didn't use any tools to avoid the first drink.
You certainly can't lie about it.

Don't lose sight of the fact that you sponsor is a drunk, too.

She will probably be disappointed that you drank, but the fact that another alcoholic relapsed is not going to shock her conscience.

Let us know how it goes.
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Do what feels comfortable for you. If you feel it will help tell her. If you feel it will make things worse don't tell her. Your sponsor is not responsible for your sobriety - you are. You are not accountable to your sponsor. You are accountable only to yourself.
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I am so proud of you for getting honest with your sponsor and yourself. The beautiful thing about AA and sponsorship is that the door is always open if you want it to be, and you don't ever have to go back to this feeling ever again.
Good for you for making this a period of growth (because that is really what I consider a relapse IF you come back) and learning from your experience.
Sounds like you have yourself an amazing sponsor and grand sponsor and a good program, you just slipped but caught yourself and you will gather more tools to have to put into action before you consider the first drink.

Great job and keep on keeping on!

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