Relapse Dream

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Relapse Dream

Had an awful dream last night that I was drinking again. It was one of those dream that feel so real, you think it's real life.
Not even excessively drinking, I had a glass of red wine, but I didn't even realise in my dream what had happened until AFTER I started drinking it. I remember thinking, oh, I've had a sip of wine.

And in the dream, I just accepted it at first and thought, oh well. Guess I have to start again. And then all the hard I've put in came flooding back. I felt so sick and so upset.

I woke up in a panic and a sweat. It was awful. I was so over the moon delighted when I realised it was a dream, I actually almost started crying when I woke up. I know now at least my brain is subconsciously associating with me drinking again as horrible. It honestly now feels like one of the worst things that could happen to me. But it also just re-affirmed that I know my alcoholism still exists inside me.

I'm 16 and a half months sober. Each day is different, most are now comparatively easier, and some days are randomly harder that I expect, and for no reason. Hope to never have a dream like that again though
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I haven't drank in years and still get the occasional drinking dream. I guess you can't do something for 35 years and expect your subconscious to forget it.
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20 days sober. Had my first one two nights ago. I was in my old job where I traveled a lot. I bought a bottle of rum and went to my room. Canít remember though if I drank it. You are right though. It felt so real. Glad I woke up from that nightmare.
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I've had a couple since quitting but didn't really freak out in real life upon waking.
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It was just a dream, nothing more. Like thoughts, they have no power of their own; it is what I do with the info that matters. I can put it good use or I can put it to bad use and I can decide how much weight it carries.

I haven't had a drinking dream in years, although I used to have them frequently and they were real. I remember waking up in a cold sweat trying to sort fact from fiction. Even though it had been years since my last one.. few weeks ago, out of nowhere... I had a drinking dream.

Bottom line...I had a drinking dream...onto next thought.
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I get them sometimes. Remind yourself it is only a dream and it cannot harm you- unless you so choose. I find doing something to 'connect' with the world helps- like walking on a beach barefoot, or splashing cold water on my face.
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I've been sober for years and once in awhile have a drinking dream. When I wake up I smile and think, "thank God, that was just a dream."
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Every once in a while I'll have one of those dreams. They do feel quite real for a few moments and tend to leave a memory over the day. Thank goodness it's only a dream!
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Started to post, but wanted to delete it and don’t know how to.
Sorry for this error.

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Hows it going birwin?

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Originally Posted by Houndheart View Post
Started to post, but wanted to delete it and donít know how to.
Sorry for this error.
Just type "ERROR" followed by a bunch of swear words.
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I've had a few of these, too. I can recall the sense of disappointment and fear from my dream. Oh the relief when I finally wake up!
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