A year ago today...

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A year ago today...

A year ago I had my last drink. I donít remember it, not that I was particularly more or less drunk than usual. My body finally packed up and I had seizures without even being in withdrawal. During one of them I whacked my head open and ended up in hospital, where I had another seizure in the waiting room.

I was sick, I had lost everything. Some things were not the fault of my drinking (2 people close to me passing away).

I had been sober for a year once before and during that time I quickly rebuilt my life, especially financially. I went back to it and it took me 2.5 years to end up near dead.

It took everything and the last 6 months was especially miserable. All the fun had gone, just me as an sick stinking tramp with a roof over my head.

From the hospital I started going to AA pretty regularly. I am not AAs biggest fan, but it was a place to go, a routine, and people were happy to see me week after week, still sober.

Ive rarely been tempted to drink. At times I reminisce about the good old days - and really for 10 years my life was an absolute scream - I had a great time and donít regret it. But when I find myself reminiscing I remind myself that Iím over 40 now, alcoholism or not, itís daft to think I can recreate my 20s.

Itís akin to reminiscing about being at school - it was a joy, but that doesnít mean Iím going to recreate it by putting on my uniform and going to classes all day.

Life isnít a garden of roses and Iíve got lots of work to do to build a decent life, but being sober gives me options - I have none whilst drinking, non that Iíd want anyway.

I first came across this site in 2007 - I always dreamt of being a year sober so that I could write in the stories of recovery thread. I shall do just that in the next few weeks.

i was a basket case alcoholic and Iím here a year sober. If I can do so then you can too.

happy new year x
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What a great post, thank you. Many congratulations on your year sober
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Welcome back! Glad you're here! Congratulations on one year! Best wishes for you on your journey!
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Happy New Year!!! Thanks for your story.
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Congrats on your year flyagain!
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Congrats on a year sober and thank you for checking in. Don't be a stranger...we'd love to hear more!
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Congrats on the first of many sober years. I look forward to reading about your journey.
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Congrats on one year!! I remember feeling very emotional when I hit the one year mark, I felt like I could do anything. It keeps getting better, I cannot ever imagine drinking again, because I know where it would lead me.
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Wow! You give me hope. Day 3 on round 2 for me.
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Originally Posted by Wrangler95 View Post
Wow! You give me hope. Day 3 on round 2 for me.
Everyone had a Day 3. Keep going!!
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Thank you for sharing such an inspirational message today. Its good for us newer members to read.
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