Sobriety is ..

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Sobriety is ..

Brighter eyes, better hair/make up
laying my And my daughters clothes out the night before (planning ahead makes the morning easier)
setting the coffee the night before..
waking up and being able to remember the night before
better sleep
anxiety there but not as high
waking up with a clear head
Waking up with a clear conscience

sobriety is a chain reaction..choosing to not drink sets up the next day. Being sober does not fix everything, but it definitely makes things easier.
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Thank you for the inspiring post.

Today being sober I was able to go for a three mile walk.
I was able to eat healthy.
I was able to wake up with a clear conscience and brighter eyes.
I was able to take a phone call.
I look forward to my meeting today at 4pm and not be in tears
I spent only $2.00 today on some hot DD coffee :_)
That I could enjoy and not gag on.
Drinking hot chamomille tea at the moment- its cold here
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Waking up with no pain and suffering, with outfits laid out and lunches packed the night before, oats in the slow cooker, coffee ready to go, kitchen clean. I had no idea that such small things would be so satisfying to me. I'm only on Day 14 and the newness of it all is still there. Grateful for every clear, clean, calm quiet moment now.
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Over a year sober and all of the above never gets old. It is so satisfying to be able to make my daughter dinner, give her a bath, read her a book and put her to bed....and remember it all! And then, instead of passing out, spend some quality time with my significant other talking/de-stressing from the day.
It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning and enjoy that first cup of coffee instead of chugging the first of many glasses of wine.
Looking in the mirror and not seeing a red, bloated face. My skin continues to look better and better as time goes on.
Gaining back trust and respect from family and friends.

Sober is the way to go!
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For me it's been freedom. I no longer worry about phone calls after work, someone needing help after work or family needing help during the night.

Freedom from anxiety, drive and go anywhere and at any time I want. Enjoyment of basic activities, no over expectations of how much better things could be but how great they're.

And all of it came about with one choice.
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a wonderful gift 🙏
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Being alive.

Not being a moody, husk of a zombie with nothing to contribute bar sweating; making a fool of myself; getting fat; upsetting my wife; hating myself; living like a slob; becoming a laughing stock; killing myself slowly and wasting every opportunity to do something positive with this short time on earth (I could add so, so much more).
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A simple choice.
Today I choose to not be a massive piece of ****.
I do that by staying sober one day at a time.
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