It gets worse every time

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It gets worse every time

Every relapse gets worse

Can now confirm like everyone else has on here

It was bad
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Sorry to hear about your recent relapse. My last drunk destructed alot in my life.
Are you on sober today? You will physically start to feel better. You deserve the best life. Keep on your sober journey. Routing for you.
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Yes, it does get worse. And worse.
I'm sorry you had to find out the hard way.
Just remember, it never has to happen again.
Hope you feel better soon.
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I'm sorry it was bad but I'm glad you're back GI. Is it day one?

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Every relapse gets worse

Can now confirm like everyone else has on here

It was bad

Remember that feeling.

Because a lot of us on here, kept forgetting it, over and over.
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I found that to be true as well. I hope you're going to do whatever it takes to stop drinking for good.
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Originally Posted by GreatInquiry7 View Post
Every relapse gets worse

Can now confirm like everyone else has on here

It was bad
Yes all relapse(s) tend to get worse in terms of destruction and withdrawal. Are you sober today?
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Yes, I believe it gets harder and harder to stop. I hope you decide to stop drinking for good.
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That's absolutely true. A lesson I kept having to learn over & over, until finally getting it. I'm happy to see you posting. This never has to happen again, GI.
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For me the addiction followed stages and each one got worse. Every now and then I'd be able to quit when the bar closed and id hang my hat on that one outing and forget the 3 following outings when I was still drinking the next morning. Eventually the binges got worse and worse until I had to admit I couldn't just stop after a drink and was going to go full blast until my body shut down. Even if I waited for 2 months between drinks, it didn't matter. I started back right where I left off.

There are videos and podcasts out there that explain why this happens to us but I didn't know it at the time and thought I could come up with a good strategy and some good drinking rules to control everything but ultimately none of it worked.

Fading Affect Bias is the process where we forget about how bad our last drinking episode was, because we are resilient, and then proceed to drink again. Its a hard cycle that a lot of people never break. I hope you get better.
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It was bad

good! keep that in mind should you ever get to thinkin' that maybe a drink or two wouldn't be such a BAD idea.

you never ever have to do this again. pretty cool huh?
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I promise life gets better with sobriety. What have you put in place to support you in your recovery? Can you think of something you can add?
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So far been trying to sleep all day
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