3167 days sober

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3167 days sober

Just randomly did a sobriety length calculator online as had no clue how many days of sobriety I had as I donít count days (used to in the early days though) and thought Iíd share to give newcomers hope that sobriety is totally possible as is a new life in recovery. Iím very grateful for my sobriety, recovery and for life itself. Also very grateful for SR as part of my recovery tool kit 🙏
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This rocks!
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Congratulations brighterday
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Awesome achievement! Very inspiring!
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So awesome!!
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Life Health Prosperity
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Brighterday, FANTASTIC. 3405 for me, rootin for ya.
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Congratulations, that's a lot of sober time!

I don't count days either, but I'm close to 3,600
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Way LOL, I just used a sobriety calculator and it said I had been sober for 1,816 years or 663,535 days. I left a zero out of the year when I did the input. It should have been 2003, not 203.

Amended data: 6,098 days:

misfiring synapses / progress, not perfection
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I'm not sure I can count that high. Congratulations.
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Wow you guys rock!
thanks for the inspiration- that is some quality sobriety you have achieved
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Thanks everybody and thanks to those who have shared their sober day count too! Thereís some incredible sobriety and recovery on SR and to anybody struggling we were all at day 1 once. One day at a time 🙏
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Congrats on your growing sober time!
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I remember very well when I joined this website. I was miserable and I didn't know if I could ever get sober for more than a couple of weeks.

Thankfully, my pessimistic outlook was wrong, for which I'm very greatful.
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Thanks for sharing, everyone.

Sobriety calculators are cool.

It's amazing how the days get away from us.
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