How to stay away from people who still use?

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How to stay away from people who still use?

Hi, I'm new here. I'm 19 and have been clean of heroin for a bit. My question is about, I have a old "friend"/ using buddy who still uses, keeps coming to my house, knocking on my door trying to hang out. I live with my mom and we both go outside to smoke cigarettes. So I can't exactly ignore him. He uses meth, which I've done a handful of times but it wasn't my drug of choice. He's also not mentally stable, he talks to himself, ive seen him be violent with others, you just can't have a conversation with him. He's homeless, and when hes not in jail he comes to my house seeing if I got cigarettes, if he can come inside, if I want to use with him. I'm just not sure how'd he react if I told him to not come around anymore, seeing that he knows where I live and I go outside to smoke I can't exactly avoid him. I'd just rather him not get violent with me or my mom. Any advice?
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Ugh. Tell him that you can't be around someone actively using and to come back when he's clean? Best of luck.
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Tell him you're 'clean' and can't be around active users. If he keeps coming back, get the police involved.
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You very much have to take care of yourself. It's really hard to not want to try it when you are around it. You have worked very hard to get where you are at. Tell him not come around anymore. Put yourself first.
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I'm assuming this guys is, as you say, unapproachable & not able to be reasoned with.

Have you got a back yard you can smoke in? I'd do that.

It does without saying, even if you weren't trying to stay clean, it's best he doesn't come into the house.

I had a nuisance neighbour recently. There was no talking to her She'd have conversations with herself.

I stopped answering the door.

If he starts banging on the door or making a nuisance of himself, call the police.

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So much to do at that age. You should be too busy to deal with this nonsense. He may get use to you not around and go bother somebody else. Now is the time to get busy with school and/or a trade. Get some work/real world experience. Take care of yourself physically, join a gym, take up some kind of running or biking or swimming. If things go well you're gonna be stuck with that body for a long time. Get rid of those cigarettes! Not sure if you're old enough to vape where you live, its 21 some places. Your old enough to drive or go to war, but OMG, vape, NOOOO! That would get your nic fix with less damage, less money, wont stink up the house as bad or as permanent. Just use a real vape shop and not some garbage liquid, if/when you're old enough.
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Imma go a little stronger than the others, who all made good and a little "easier" suggestions....

If you want to stay clean
Don't go outside to smoke
Tell him he cannot be around you now
Warn him you will decide to call the cops if he keeps coming around
Call the cops when he comes over

My first sponsor told me "No." Is a complete sentence. This sounds like a fast way to get you using again so I don't think ANYTHING is too extreme to take care of your sobriety. Just IMO.
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