Sober Saturday 😃

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Sober Saturday 😃

Afternoon everyone, just wanted to check in.
So I have a little story ........
It was my friend at works birthday on Thursday we all chipped in to buy her some tickets to see the dreamboys. A ticket for her and a spare for one of us to go with her, all our names went in a hat, guess who's name got pulled out 😝.
It's not my thing really but I couldn't say no really. I decided there and then that I would not drink.
We went for an all you can eat Chinese buffet, and boy did I eat lol. I had 4 plates of it lol. We sat laughed, enjoyed our food, and drank coke 🙌🙌🙌.
We went to the venue, it was a fuelled drink night with over 400 women, drunk and very loud. I wasn't even tempted. I was people watching it was an eye opener for sure lol.
Thoroughly enjoyed the night, in fact it was hilarious.
Who knew you could go out stay sober and enjoy yourself eh 😃😃😃
Just a little step closer.
The purpose of this story is to let all those know that struggle, it does start to fall into place. I can't quite believe it myself lol.
Anyway lots of love to all. Keep going you'll get there
Doris 💖🙏💖
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Good for you. I steered clear briefly in early sobriety, and these days I only go to a restaurant or bar for food and/or live music. Last night I played (I'm a musician), and after the set I sat late with others just gabbing and joking. It occurred to me this morning how easy it was to just not drink and still have a good time. I can feel socially awkward sometimes, but when everyone else is drinking it somehow loosens me up. I think the key is not judging others for drinking (or not), and not judging myself - just enjoy the moment and if people are too annoying or rub me the wrong way I move on... Extra perk: I drove home legally and without stress.
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Thats awesome. Your right tho us boozer er ex boozers have a tendency to fall for that myth of no fun is there is no booze in us. And myth it is. ✌
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