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Nail Growth?

This is going to seem like a weird post maybe, but my body is going through such weird physical changes since I've stopped drinking that I just wanna be sure there is nothing to be too alarmed about.

I quit drinking almost a year ago, and strangely I've noticed that my toenails are growing differently. There's a divide between the top half of my toenails and the bottom half. The top half look a little yellow, kinda brittle maybe, uneven, not the healthiest looking.

But the bottom half look clean and new. It SEEMS that the nail is growing new and healthy and pushing up the old nail, but I can't be sure. I actually can't remember how long they've been like this. My first thought was, wow, my body is actually recovering and is getting back to being healthy. But now I'm also a little worried that that's not the case. I don't know, I guess I'm just a little worried hoping someone else went through something similar.

My hair was falling out in massive clumps when I drank and I had bald spots all over my head. They've officially grown back though and i haven't had a bald spot appear in months. I thought something similar might be happening now with my nails, but just wanna be sure. I put my body through hell when I drank, I'm hoping this is a sign of recovery and not something more ominous.
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I'm pretty sure what you are seeing is normal, and a good sign. I always had very brittle hair and nails while I was drinking. Now, my hair is much healthier, and I can actually grow fingernails for the first time in my adult life. But if you are concerned, maybe check with your doctor at your next check-up. But I'd say as long as the bottom portion looks good, you're probably just seeing the healthy new growth pushing out the old growth.
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birwin91 (08-12-2019)
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Hi...sounds to me like you are getting better....your body didn't have nutrients before to give you healthy sounds like the good in your body is now pushing OUT the bad.

Congratulations on changing your life...prolonging your life and by being sober!
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yeh the top half is old and the bottom half is new - you're taking better care of yourself

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Zanna (08-13-2019)
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I had the same happen to me. My toenails are looking great now, I could see a distinct line in them from the time I quit.

I was also much more susceptible to yucky stuff like fungus etc, so just check that out with your doctor, but sounds like you are on the mend. Jayyy !!!
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Hi birwin91

Well done to getting to a year. Hair and nails are both made from protein, so if your hair has improved, it stands to reason that your nails will. Interestingly, my toenails sound like yours, yellow and hard, and I have often wondered if it might be due in part to the booze. I am only at day 4, but seeing if my toenails improve is something I am looking forward to monitoring from quitting booze.
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My toenails are NASTY as in thick yellow things with nail fungus. If you've ever seen the movie, Worlds Fastest Indian, there is a scene where “Burt”/Anthony Hopkins is trimming his nail with a drill and a grinding stone so he can get his shoes on. It was always a standing joke that was me with my nails.
I'm keeping an eye to see if they improve.

If you haven't seen this movie, I recommend it. Link to trailer attached.
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Hi birwin,

I was curious about this and a search brought up this from a doctor, along with the disclaimer! Definitely a great idea to bring this up at whatever next doctor's appointment you have. I found naturopathic physicians the be a great help with body balancing and knowledge of the connection between mind, body, stress, mineral rebalancing and healing.

The line of overlap or demarcation in your nail is most likely associated with a period of trauma or injury to the nail matrix. Sickness, trauma and decreased nutritional status can all damage and negatively impact nail growth. Imagine the line of overlap is the nail trying to grow longer but there is a little wall blocking the actually forward growth of the nail, so the cells topple on top of eachother. Eventually this overlap in your nail will grow out and you should have a normal, flat nail!

Dr. Emily Splichal
Please be advised: we do not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
By law, we cannot give specific medical advice over the Internet.

Biotin has been very helpful for my skin and nail health.

Congrats on your recovery and the new physical healing!!
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