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Sick n tired
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Well no hope for me then day 7 Again had a drink. Yey Iím just wonderful arenít I. How pathetic am I really. Yey feel great. not
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Hi Eve,
I am sorry to hear that you are feeling so rubbish. We have all been there or we wouldn't be here on this forum.

I am back on Day 4 so I hear you loud and clear. When I posted to say I had drunk again Livingonwishes said to me

"Once you start believing you can it becomes easier to achieve!!"

Maybe try hanging on to this instead of beating yourself up? It will be more useful.

Tomorrow is another day. You can do this.
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I can see from your posts that have gotten plenty of sober time under your belt while you have been here too. So I know you will have a good sober toolbox.
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Sick n tired
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Thanks Lucinda for your reply. You would think so wouldnít you, I knew before picking up Still did it. Dunno same same I guess. Back to hating myself for a week or so. Just an absolute waste of life this is.
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Never say "no hope" that just tells yourself you have an excuse to feel sorry for yourself and drink.

As long as you are breathing there is hope...My sister died from addiction almost a year ago....So I continue to tell myself "I'm alive" and as long as I'm alive I have hope.

I hope you feel better soon...don't beat yourself up because this addiction is the hardest to beat in my opinion...Just never stop tyring.

Don't give up on yourself...
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Hey dont beat yourself up . we get it.
a good sign is that you are here. If you trully want sobriety you can have it. Its there for the taking. But.....ill use a Latin term you got to use the Goya method. The Get Off Your Ass method lol. Sorry no pun . but you know what I'm saying. Keep coming back. Day 82 for me .
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what are you willing to do for your sobriety? to what lengths are you willing to go?
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I could not stay sober until I wanted to be sober more than I wanted to drink.
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Sick n tired
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Iím bringing uob4 children alone. I can hardly have time to even relax before there is one of the kids needing me. Iím not feeling by sorry for myself but Iím sick of hearing go meditate go to meeting go pray etc. Sick of hearing this.
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Hi Eve

No one ever said it's easy to stay sober - but I believe you can do it. I've known other mothers here who have, and dads too.

For me I had to fight that urge. Sometimes it was several urges a day.

After a while, it got easier.

You almost always seem to post after you drink.

what stops you from posting here before you drink, instead of going to the liquor store or wherever it is you go?

Tough questions and high expectations I know, but you can't make changes by doing the same things over and over. No one ever got better by doing nothing.

Its tough and may even seem a little unfair - but we have to put in more effort to stay sober than we do to drink.

You can;t lose weight without diet changes and exercise and you can't get and stay sober without change and effort either,

It's an effort to log in here and post - sure - and its an even greater effort to post every day and to join a Class of the month thread, or the 24 hours recovery connection thread or the weekender thread...but I think you're worth that effort,

For your sake and your kids sake you have to at least act like you believe it - put in that effort - and soon you'll believe it for real

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