No Longer a Newcomer

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No Longer a Newcomer

Hi Everyone. I have not posted on this site in a long while. When I was more active, I really struggled with my sobriety. Each time I was SURE that this time was the last time and each time I would drink again. This time I have 6 months sober. That is the longest time I have had in 15 years. Things are going well and my obsession has finally lifted.

6 months ago I crawled into my Dr's office crying and begging for help. I had been seeing her for about 1 1/2 years and I never told her about my problem. She was treating my health conditions without knowing that I was causing them with my drinking. She ran blood work and my live function was abysmal. My blood pressure was super high. My vitamin levels were depleted. I left that visit and drank, but that was the last time. That was 6 months ago.

I tried for years doing it on my own, but I needed help. I crawled into an AA meeting and went every day for a couple months to stay sober. Now I do one a week. More if I am in a bad space. Thankfully my husband does not drink at all so my home is a safe space. I am doing well though and have no desire to drink. I was looking at some before and after pictures of me and the difference is amazing. I have thrown myself into a wellness program of regular exercise and healthier eating after months of uncontrollable sugar cravings that I allowed myself to give in to. A pack of cookies is better than 3 bottles of wine.

We can recover. I am and I am still shocked I did it. I fear I would have taken my own life eventually. I fear not making it back if I start again. Everything in my life is better today. I have some serious wreckage to clean up, but am making progress.

I will not be posting again to this forum group as I am no longer a new comer. I just wanted to pop in and give some encouragement to those of you struggling. I had gotten to a point where I accepted I would drink myself to death. My one last ditch effort actually worked this time. Do not stop trying. It can happen if you want it bad enough.

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Congratulations on your perserverance and a job well done. Inspirational.
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Well done! You are always welcome to the newcomers board. I have 13 months and still come here - but I still think of myself as a newcomer.
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A very inspiring post, Terri, thank you and keep it up!
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Terri! That is amazing. So brave of you to be upfront with your doctor too. It is wonderful that your hard work and honesty has brought you these results. Congratulations!
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That's really inspiring, Terri. Thanks.
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That was an awesome post. Hopefully I can be posting something on my six month mark . I'm working on it day 82 for me. Keep coming back
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Good job, Terri! And, you don't need to be a newcomer to post here. Other newcomers love to hear stories like yours.
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I look forward to hearing that you're going to meetings not so YOU can feel better but because you want to carry the message more frequently - that message that you and I found that saved our lives.

Glad that you're sober... don't squander it on "feeling good" though. Remember, our main purpose in recovery is to help the next person trying to find a solution.
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I agree that you should feel free to post in this forum. Posts like yours are very encouraging to newcomers and that's just what we need.

Congrats on your sobriety!
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My own opinion is anyone that has less than a year is a Newcomer.

Other than sound amazing..and as if you were given the gift...You and your husband are blessed.

Congratulations on 6 months.
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I have over 12 years and I still post in Newcomers - I still feel a newcomer in a lot of ways...I discover new things every day

you're very welcome to keep posting here - if you want to Ustacallmelola
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